Dear Graduating Students, Here's A Complete Breakdown Of Everything You'll Experience After Graduation

By Mehwish A. W. | 29 May, 2018

Graduation can be a tricky time to process for many. After four years of endless hours of studying, assignments, exams, and lectures, it’s finally time to bid adieu to your university. Finally, it’s the day when you and your friends pose in your gowns and caps, holding your degrees in your hands with pride. But after you have been gowned and capped, thrown that cap in the air, and shared a photo of it on social media, asli kaam shuru hojaata hai. 

Here’s what you can expect after graduation:


1. You become sad and lonely because you won’t be seeing your friends as much anymore

Yes, you will no longer be meeting the people you saw every day. You may have laughed and had fun with them in the past. Hey, you may have even partied with them or spent hours gossiping and discussing every random thing (especially, the cruelty of the teachers who gave you so many assignments). But that’s not happening anymore. Sorry.

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2. You start missing the time you spent at university

As you say goodbye to university, you miss that place and your routine. You might not believe this, but you even miss the boring lectures and the academic pressures of university life!

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3. You will find yourself reminiscing. A LOT.

You’ll be looking at your pictures from before and wondering how much you changed over the years. Hota hai.

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4. You will want to enjoy your newly-found freedom

Now that you are free from all the tensions and worries of assignments and exams, you’ll want to enjoy this time by waking up late in the day and hanging out with friends. You’ll want to do all the things that you have not been able to do because of your studies, whether it’s reading a book you bought a year back or taking up a new hobby.


5. However, one heavy question will ruin everything for you.

“So what’s your plan now?”

People, most importantly, your family members, will keep on asking this question. And you just won’t know how to avoid it. Guests coming at your place will do the honors too to remind you that you need to decide about your future soon.

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6. If you’re a girl – bas. Ek sawaal peecha nahi choray ga

Well, every time you tell someone you have finally graduated, you will be asked that infamous question, Shadi kab horahi hai

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7. Oh, btw – you’re expected to get a job soon

You have a degree now, after all, so getting a job and settling in your life is eventually expected from you after graduation. Abhi tak job nahi mili with a gaping face is the classic reaction you will get when you tell your relatives you haven’t found one yet.

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8. You will get all kinds of suggestions about your future

Everyone you meet will give you suggestions on what to try and what to do to be successful in landing a job.


9. Btw – if you have a shitty job…LOL. Good luck.

If not replacing the CEO of Google, people will expect that you get a managerial level position soon. Kyunke degree apparently sona hai.

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10. You will also be compared with all your cousins who got a job as soon as they graduated

That’s a trend you cannot avoid – being compared to your cousins! *Sigh*

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11. You realize that every place you apply to wants a shit ton of experience

“Should I have started working when I was born?”

That’s a question that’ll often cross your mind.

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12. And then you will start feeling like you have been betrayed by your university

You thought the degree you got would open doors of success for you but now you feel that all you have got is just a piece of paper!

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13. Your confidence may get knocked

While your confidence was skyrocketing when you got your degree in your hand, unfulfilled expectations while you hunt for a job may lead to the unfortunate shattering of your confidence.

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14. But although things will be a bit tough initially, you will get there in the end.

So, things might not necessarily work out as you had expected before getting your degree, but it’s important to have faith in yourself. There is a whole life ahead of you and so many opportunities will knock on your door every now and then. You just need to stay focused and steadfast in your goals.

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There you have it, folks. If there is any other thing you have experienced after you’ve graduated that we’ve left out, let us know in the comments section below. And to the graduating seniors: hosla rakho.


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