A Foodie's Guide To Restaurants Worth Trying Out At Fortress Stadium Lahore

By Sinwan Zahid | 25 Apr, 2018

Whether we’re out shopping or taking our families to Sindbad, our night ends with food at Fortress Stadium restaurants. The market has been around for long and we’ve seen it grow and grow more into a beautiful place full of shops, eateries, and people. Eons ago my family and I always had to eat at any one of the Fortress Stadium restaurants after a tiring night out at Joyland but we were always majorly confused about where to go. Well, not anymore!


We have some Fortress Stadium restaurants that you can go to when your tummy’s growling and you can’t take it anymore:


Mei Kong

Mei Kong has stood the test of time. We’ve all been there as kids; it was one of our favorite places to go and that still hasn’t changed. The roasted almonds and warm plates still make us nostalgic. Their black pepper chicken and chicken with roasted almonds have not changed and we’re so happy to hear that. Mei Kong did give itself a facelift recently, so you might want to check out what’s changed.

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Source: pakistani.pk



Just got done with Joyland and feel insanely hungry and need chicken? You really just have to walk a few feet and enter Nando’s. Order in some spicy Peri Peri bites and cold hummus with toasted pita bread. Move onto to the mains, order in an Espetada and treat yourself to a feast to moist, grilled chicken thighs on a skewer with cheese and vegetables. Not a budget eat, so if you have that in mind, there are many fast food places in Fortress too which you can see below.

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Bundu Khan

If you’re looking to have good Pakistani food, look no further. Bundu Khan has been standing in Fortress Stadium forever now and is undeniably one of the best, even now. We love their crisp lachaydar parathas, spicy, fragrant handis, and tender barbecue.

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Source: bundukhan.pk


We remember Eedon’s humble days, but those are behind now. The restaurant has grown to become a go-to for thousands of people in Lahore because of its great food and value for money. We couldn’t agree more. You need to try out their juicy beef burger btw. The patty’s flavorful and grilled to perfection and then sandwiched between toasted buns, fresh vegetables, and yummy af sauces!

Source: Eedon restaurant/Facebook

Shezan Regale

We hear they serve a delicious chooza masala… yep, a chooza masala. Tears were shed. But people rave about the juicy and spicy dish. Moreover, Shezan’s barbeque is to-die-for so if you want some succulent, bbq’d meat, order it right in. We’d also suggest their chicken tikka masala, or if you’re not in the mood for desi, there’s always continental food which they also do pretty nicely.

chooza masala shezan regale
Source: OB/Tossdown

Fast food options:

Burger King

Get yourself Burger King’s famous beef Whopper and onion rings. Best way to feed a growling, unhappy stomach.

Source: http://english.alarabiya.net


Spice McCrispy Deluxe, BigMac Beef, McFlurry and McDonald’s classic, crisp fries… your chances of ending up a glutton are very high.

Source: tivonews.co.il


No KFC around? Treat yourself to local crunchy, fried chicken that is also very sasta as compared to KFC that is just meh now. Also please look at that mayo in the crispy chicken burger… haye Allah!

Source: Aaqi B./FourSquare


Subway (Fortress Square Mall)

If you want to pretend to eat healthily (hahaha) head over to Subway and grab yourself a Smoked Turkey Melt or go for the classic, discounted Chicken BBQ, Chicken Tikka options and treat yourself.

Source: businessinsider.com

Pizza Hut

Super Supreme with extra cheese followed by Pizza Hut’s Ultimate Hersheys Choco Chip Cookie. Mazay he mazay.

pizza hut fortress lahore
Source: http://www.karachichronicle.com

Domino’s (Fortress Square Mall)

If not Pizza Hut, then try out Domino’s. Their pizza is mostly underrated due to Pizza Hut’s monopoly, but it’s alright. Give their loaded, meaty pizzas a shot!

Source: pakistani.pk

OPTP (Fortress Square Mall)

If you crave thick cut, crisp french fries with a delicious topping of cheese or garlic mayo, go to OPTP. It’s been around for decades now and we can say at least the fries have stayed the same. You can even order a chicken burger along if you’re really hungry!

Source: tr.foursquare.com

Pappu Tea Stall (Fortress Square Mall)

arathas and karak, mazaydar doodh patti on the Fortress Square Mall balcony overlooking the Mian Mir Bridge is sometimes a great place to think about life and procrastinate.

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China Grill (Fortress Square Mall)

China Grill serves up some basic but tasty Chinese food that fulfills all your needs for the cuisine. You can get a filling meal for a few hundred bucks, just be sure to taste all the gravies available before choosing the wrong one and regretting later.

#Repost @gottablogger (@get_repost) ・・・ #theoneatCHINAGRILL • This Monday, seems to be the Mondayest Monday that ever Mondayed! ??‍♀️ • Dealing with Monday Blues while stuffing Chinese Food from @chinagrill_pk ? • Choice of Gravy? ?Mongolian Chicken ?Rating: 2.75/5 <The gravy had a weird after taste, wasn't really a fan of it> ?Black Pepper Shrimp ?Rating: 4/5 <The gravy was really nice, the pepper wasn't over powering however it was a little less on the salt> ?Price: Around 550/- . . . . . #Foodgasm #FoodPorn #FoodDairies #FoodBlogger #FoodBloggerKhi #LoveFood #pakistanifoodbloggers #pakistanifoodblogger #igblogger #lahoreeats #lahore #lahoregram #pakistan #karachi #riyadh #jeddah #ksa #china #chinese #chinesefood #dxb #mydubai #dubai #wow #food #foodblogger

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IceCurl (Fortress Square Mall)

Namkeen ke baad meetha is a must. Hence go for this frozen, rolled delicacy if you still have space in your tummy. And if you just came for the meetha, then splurge!!!

Your best friends + #iceCurl = A perfect end to a perfect meetup 😉

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Which one of these are your go-to places in Fortress Stadium, Lahore? Let us know in the comments! 😀

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