Governor Sindh Imran Ismail , Who Has The Coronavirus, Just Said That Concerns Over Coronavirus Numbers Is A Political Conspiracy

By Noor | 8 May, 2020

Imran Ismail thinks coronavirus ke upar political conspiracy hai

It’s strange how a lot of politicians think everything is a political conspiracy out to derail them. Something similar just happened when Governor Sindh just connected coronavirus with a political conspiracy.


Governor Imran Ismail shared his opinion saying that coronavirus data shows that the concern over deaths and lockdown is nothing but a mere political conspiracy

To back up his claim, the Governor presented a set of figures and tried to prove that deaths from diseases other than coronavirus are more so it might be deduced that concerns over this virus are just a political conspiracy.

Imran Ismail further said that if any one of the common ailments is focused and the statistics regarding that disease are highlighted and discussed everywhere, one would notice that particular common disease would also indicate an alarming situation just like this coronavirus.


This is the same Imran Ismail who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus and has still not tested negative


People mocked the Governor and tried to explain the intensity of the coronavirus


Some even trolled them saying that Governor sahab‘s party claimed to be different from past politicians but their statements and actions show that they’re all the same


A few tried to bring the Governor’s attention to the issues caused by the coronavirus


The Governor was also dragged for his irresponsible statement


A few tried to present the facts gathered by specialists who were trying to explain to the people that ‘coronavirus is NOT just a flu’

The report that Imran Ismail shared shows a comparison of the deaths by coronavirus with the deaths resulting from car crashes, flu, cancer, and heart diseases. The red line representing the coronavirus is extremely sharp and indicates an exponential increase in the deaths by the virus as compared to other causes of death. This means that the virus is highly contagious and the more it spreads, the more chances of dying from it increase. Incidents like car crashes are not “contagious”.

Doo you agree with Governor Imran Ismail that those who are concerned about people dying of coronavirus are involved in a political conspiracy? Let us know in the comments below.


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