“Goodbye Mr. Chips” Was Removed From Syllabus After 55 Years And Pakistanis Have A Lot Of Thoughts

By Sarmad Amer | 13 Mar, 2019

Actual goodbye mr. chips


The English language novel Goodbye Mr. Chips had become a fixture of the Pakistani educational experience for many who read under the Punjab education system. For 55 years, the novel by English writer James Hilton, has been taught to students across the Punjab Textbook Board.


Earlier today, news broke that the Punjab Textbook Board is considering replacing Goodbye Mr. Chips with essays on the life of Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH) for the English language syllabus


While some people appreciated the “pious” move and thanked the removal of a very dated novel


There are many in Pakistan who had become rather attached to the novel


People aren’t exactly taking the change in a very positive way

Although many are in agreement that it is indeed time to say goodbye to Mr. Chips because the novel was written in 1934 and predates much of the current events. Heck, it literally ends with Mr. Chips dying of old age as Hitler is coming to power so it definitely misses a shit ton of current events since then. We’re waaaay past Hitler now.


Especially those who had finally been able to crack the code and get familiar with the novel

Apparently, the novel was a hard part of the English language syllabus for many students because it constituted a large portion of the English exam but was archaic and not a very interesting read for many students.


But may don’t care that the novel was old and needed to be updated, they’re much too attached to Mr. Chips and Katharine’s story


And they’re certainly not ready to say goodbye to their beloved characters, it seems.

It is understandable that although forced to read them, one does become attached to things that the way they have been, especially for something that has been around for 55 years! It’s kind of like Stockholm Syndrome where you start feeling more comfortable with your kidnapper if you spend more time there, than with your new life of freedom.

If you ask me, all change is good. Although I would have preferred a more current novel. There are many great Pakistani English language novelists to choose from but I guess they must have thought of some reasoning when replacing this novel with essays on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Did you read the novel? What are your sentiments about this move by the Punjab Textbook Board?


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