Jeremy McLellan Is Going Back Home And Pakistanis Are Too Emotional To Let Him Go

By Arslan Athar | 17 Aug, 2017

Jeremy McLellan has been touring Pakistan for the best 2 weeks and has been winning our hearts everyday with his oh so desi comedy.

Along with doing his shows, he celebrated azadi with the masses

Via Facebook

While also connecting to his Pindi bwioyz roots 

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And then also barked up some *political* trees 

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In all the madness, his two weeks passed by and now it is time to bid him farewell.

In an ’emotional’ khuda hafiz, we recounted all of what he accomplished in Pakistan. In his own words;

‘I’ve toured two cities, sold out 6 shows, helped a dental team provide free care to 1,800 villagers, eaten 100,000 pounds of food, celebrated Pakistan Independence Day #PindiBoy style, took thousands of selfies with fans, started an online war with Indian trolls, and drove around much of this beautiful country.’

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Jeremy has also learned a fair deal about our Pakistani tempers when he hilariously asked the 100,000 people who’ve messaged him to wait for a response and not to ‘yell and curse’ if they haven’t gotten one yet. In simpler words, hosla kar!  His parting words were, ‘I miss home but I can’t wait to come back’. Haye mera dil. Maa sadke. 

In true Jeremy fashion, his comments were the real treat

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And Pakistanis were just beyond thankful.

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 Some believed he served as an ambassador for Pakistan

Source: Facebook

And this person couldn’t believe those blue blue eyes

Source: Facebook

Lastly, we let him go with all our best wishes and prayers 

Source: Facebook

You can read the rest of his post here.

This wasn’t the last we heard from Jeremy though. He dedicated an entire post to the Aunty Jee who hosted him here.

Although both of them couldn’t communicate with each other, Jeremy felt her warmth and hospitality. He ends the post, and puts all the Pakistani betas to shame; ‘Shout out to AuntieGee and all the other aunties who make Pakistan great! ‘

Before I leave Pakistan, I want to take a minute and thank a very special woman. This is AuntieGee, matriarch of the…

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

And then he finally left us with this message, firing shots even while leaving

Via Facebook

Thank you Jeremy for making us laugh and showing the world that Pakistan is pretty awesome too.

Cover image via Facebook/Jeremy McLellan Comedy

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