13 Things You Can Definitely Relate To If You're A Girl Who Hates Shopping

By Hurmat Riaz | 9 Jul, 2017

Women are usually stereotyped for being shopaholics. Spending hours and hours looking for clothes but at the end of the day, buying shoes or just leaving the mall after having ice cream. This sounds like fun to most of the women out there. But there’s a lot out there who don’t like this idea of self induced stress upon themselves because it doesn’t appeal to them, and they’re not a stereotype.

So if you’re a girl who hates shopping, you’ll definitely relate to these instances:


1. There are just too many options to choose from and that stresses the fuck out of you

Which brand to choose? What type of cloth to choose? What color to choose? SO. MUCH. STRESS.

Source: Hum Network Limited


2. All the matching and mixing and contrasting and complimenting and whatnot is way too stressful

And even if you manage to get a shirt, you’ve to match some trousers with it or a shalwar or tights. OH. FORGET. IT. You end up wearing it with your old pair of jeans.

Via: Tumblr


3. Size troubles and alterations are your biggest nightmare

Kya zillat hai ye!

Source: Saga Music/Unisys


3. The crowd is just too overwhelming, you want to shop in peace

Too many people in just one outlet. *shudders*

Source: Ali Rush Music


4. Shopping can take forever and all the time wastage is annoying

Shopping requires a whole one day dedicated to it. Or two days. Or three. Maybe a week. You never know. Or you just keep on doing it. THE. THIRST. NEVER. ENDS.

Source: Illuminati Films


5. Picky shopping partners are just too exhausting

If you’re out with your family, everyone else will take SO. MUCH. TIME IN CHOOSING CLOTHES. And if you’ve a family member who is extremely picky, then you can just sleep right there in the outlet because he/she will never be able decide what to choose.

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6. And sale season is the absolute worst!


Via: Tumblr


7. And there’s a 90% chance that this will happen:

We all remember this. LOL.


8. Looking at stuff to buy but not actually buying it, aka window shopping, is not for you

I mean, why does this idea even exists? Why would you go to some mall, with nearly empty wallet, just to look at clothes and come back crying because you were not able to buy it as you were short on budget.

Source: Showcase Productions


9. You don’t understand how giving up your hard earned money to buy stuff you don’t really need is therapeutic for some people

Source: Saga Music/Unisys


10. You always have regrets after a shopping trip and you prefer living without regrets

You finally buy something and the next moment you find something much better and then you regret your purchase.

Source: IAL Saatchi & Saatchi


11. All the fiasco of price range and budgeting is draining

You start comparing prices and the one you want is way too much expensive and the one you kind of want is somehow in your budget. But do you actually need it? No. Who does that? But you should do that because all this shopping will make you regret in the last days of your month.

Via: Tumblr

12. You don’t like bumping into people and waiting in lines to pay for stuff

And if you choose to go to a mall for shopping for your ‘convenience’ then it won’t be ‘convenient’ for you because too many people and too many kids.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


13. In the end, you’ll end up having just food and return home with a broken shoe because FOOD > SHOPPING, any day

Source: oyehappy.com


Are you also one of those who hate shopping?


Cover image via: Hum Network Limited

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