13 Things About Which Every Desi Mother Says, “Shaadi Ke Baad Kar Lena”

By Lamees Wajahat | 8 Jul, 2017

Desi moms seem to think that in-laws are the most liberal people on earth. While most women complain about their susraal being crazy strict and flipping out when they leave the house with too garish a lip colour or too strong a perfume, many mothers will console their rebellious daughters with the thought that her next house will welcome all her desires with open arms.

LOL ok.

Here are some of the privileges with your qubool hai package:


Wearing red hot lipstick

Have you ever heard your mother say, “apne miyein ke liye lagati rehne shaadi ke baad“? Cuz, same.

Source: Giphy

Put on some fancy ass makeup

le ke de ga na tumhara miyaan

Source: Giphy


Sleeveless dresses

You’re not allowed to be behaya until you’re married because then you’re not your mother’s responsibility.

Via: Tumblr


Wear pretty lingerie


Source: T-Series


Use Tampons instead of sanitary pads

Source: LadyLike/ YouTube


Wearing a nose pin

Kunwari larkiyaan with a nose pin look so ugly anyway, right?

Source: Eros Entertainment


Wearing a nange pait wali sari

Source: Giphy



Literally every desi girl has heard this one at some point.

Source: Giphy


Staying out late


Source: Giphy


Dyeing your hair

Source: hellogiggles.com


Shaving your legs

Source: Giphy


Or in between them

Source: Hulu



Well, duh!

Via: Tumblr


Any other crazy things your mother has promised you shaadi ke baad?


Cover image via: Tasra’s Fotoz

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