Generation's New Campaign On Breast Cancer Awareness Has Divided Pakistanis

By Maryam Khalid | 16 Oct, 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness is important but why are we so afraid of breasts?

October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness month throughout the world. Pakistan alone has the highest rate of Breast Cancer than any other Asian country, with approximately 90,000 new cases diagnosed every year.  Let that sink in.


Generation, a renowned Pakistani clothing brand, shared a Public Service Message about Breast Cancer Awareness

The video meant to raise awareness on Breast Cancer, by prompting the women on self-assessment.

This informational video was based on three simple instructions to have a daily check for lumps, which can help in the early detection of breast cancer. Kudos to the idea!


Surprisingly some people got really ”scandalized” by this video

Umm… Maybe due to the graphic representation?

Source: @generation_pk / Instagram


The Haw-Haye factor was at its peak

Source: @generation_pk / Instagram


Source: @generation_pk / Instagram


Meanwhile, others really applauded the video for the much-needed message

Source: @generation_pk / Instagram
Source: @generation_pk / Instagram


Some tried to reason with the ghairat brigade why important causes like Breast Cancer Awareness should not be sexualized

After all, isn’t it the same reason that women cannot muster up the courage to speak up?

Source: @generation_pk / Instagram

The stigma associated with Breast Cancer because the word “breasts” is hyper-sexualized in Pakistan is a huge obstacle in the in-time detection and treatment of disease. The alarming levels of this disease in Pakistan should be an eye-opener for the public. If we don’t take this seriously, who else will? It’s about time that Pakistanis grow the fuck up.

So what do you think of Generation’s public service message? Do let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via @generation_pk/ Instagram

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