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All The Ganday Kaam You Better Stop Doing Because It’s Ramazan

All The Ganday Kaam You Better Stop Doing Because It’s Ramazan

Ramazan has arrived, which means it is time to put away your bad habits and terrible thoughts to ring in the month of fasting with achii niyat and achay kaam. So better stop doing all your ganday kaam.

And when we say ganday harkatein, we really mean ganday. Bad to the bone. Take a look at these awful awfuls and bring out the real rebel in you.


1. Not washing the dishes

Ugh, ganday.



2. Not changing the sheets

Via: Deenga

Yaaaar, too ganda.


3. Leaving your dirty clothes on the floor

Source: So Easy Productions / Irony Point / Jax Media

The actual gandii-est.


4. Tossing your shoes off to the side

Via: Deenga

Please, remember to pray for your sins this month.


5. Taking the last leg ka piece in the biryaani

Via: Deenga

This is just wrong.


6. Throwing out your gum before wrapping it in a tissue

Source: Warner Bros. Television / Kripke Enterprises





Taubah karo bhai, please.


8. Taking forever to reply to your friend’s texts

Via: Deenga

Sharam ki baat hai.


9.  Overeating till you’re physically sick


Challo actually do this, get it all in before you have to keep it out.


10. Not sharing your food

Via: Deenga

Nope. Bye.


11. Playing with dirt

Via: Deenga



12. Not listening to your parents

Via: Deenga

I mean, only when they can’t hear you. But also do listen to them. Always.


13. Not listening to the law

Via: Deenga

Okay, now wait a minute.


14. Saying bad, bad things about someone

Via: Deenga

Ramazan teaches you to have good thoughts and speak good things. Achay bachay bano.


15. Killing someone

Via: Deenga

Wait, what…


Already bad to the bone? Do you put on two separate socks instead of the same? Well you rebel you, let us know what achay cheezain you’re looking forward to do this Ramazan. Love you.


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