Actress Ushna Shah's Rant Against Pakistani Hypocrisy During Ramazan Is Getting All Sorts Of Attention

By Arslan Athar | 28 May, 2017

Whenever Ramazan comes around, we all get a flurry of messages and greetings on WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s all well and good till you see people go back to their usual ways after the holy month. We all always think it, and finally this year somebody finally said it.


Taking to Facebook, Ushna Shah takes apart the Pakistani Film Industry (and Pakistani society) in an open letter. 

I'll jump on the 'Ramzan Mubarak' status bandwagon and leave my two cents here:(Note: this does not apply to everyone,…

Posted by Ushna Shah on Samstag, 27. Mai 2017


She calls out directors, who throughout the year expect actresses to answer their every beck and call but during Ramazan they act all nice and ‘Islamic’

She says, forgetting the true essence of the month of Ramazan. Once Eid passes, they’re back to their usual ways.

“You’re going back to being a di*k after eid and you know it!
It’s the same people every year.
The same directors who have hit on me and not given me work because some other actress gave in.”

She’s quite done with the facade of the Pakistani film industry puts up every year in the name of religion, she says and continues her rant over other aspects of this month that she sees people adopting:

“And ladies (you know who you are) You can wear your white veils, put on the most angelic makeup with the lightest glowing highlighter, pronounce your Arabic vowels from deep within your esophagus, pretend to be descended straight from above (especially some of my favourite television personalities), but your souls will remain rotten and ugly as long as your behaviour is the same for every other month. You’ll go back to lying, spreading malicious gossip, being cruel, selling yourselves to get ahead, screwing people over etc etc..”


Ushna clearly wasn’t holding any punches back

This type of behavior isn’t limited to Lollywood. We all have seen and known people who change their behavior and manner just for these 30 days. Once Eid rolls around, the same people go back to their usual self, repeating the cycle once again.

“Many people will pretend to be someone they are not for a mere 30 days to cash in on this holy month, I may not keep all my fasts or say all my prayers, but I sure as hell won’t disrespect Islam and the millions of people fasting and truly abiding by the faith by pretending to do so just to gain the respect and the money I do not deserve.”


Obviously the internet rejoiced at this rant

And Osman Khalid Butt just went ahead with a big declaration

Via: Facebook


Other people were just generally grateful 

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


And this was, by far the best comment of the day

Via: Facebook


Ushna also set the record straight regarding who she isn’t referring to.

We are so glad, she cleared that up and wasn’t going after our dearest Momina 😉

Via: Facebook


Lastly, there was this comment that didn’t initially make sense

But some are sharing certain images of a famous “khubsoorat” actress to allege that it is her who’s being referenced to, in this rant.

Via: Facebook


Anywho, thank you Ushna for giving us something to think about, and be entertained by, on this first roza.

Ramazan Mubarak, everyone.


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