Game of Thrones' Latest Episode Is VERY Safe For Ramazan

By Arslan Athar | 14 Jun, 2016

GoT fans all over Pakistan (and the world) were grief stricken when they realized that they couldn’t watch their beloved ‘Game of Thrones’ during the month of Ramazan.

Why you ask?

For starters, the cast can make anyone drool.


Hubba hubba.

You see what I mean?


Source: HBO

Characters love to take their clothes off and… ummm… you know! 

(You were expecting a dirty image here weren’t you? Tharkee insaan...)


So in the name of all that is holy, many Muslims understandably refrain from watching GoT, but that didn’t stop them from venting out


Fatwa jaari kiya jaye


And this guy made a promise for the sake of Ramazan.

Wonder if he kept it.


Har Musalmaan ki dil ki khuaish


Obviously tensions and curiosity ran high among the GoT watching Muslim ummah as last Sunday’s episode aired. Everyone wanted to know what happened next. A few brave souls took the leap and watched the episode DURING THE DAY!

Their efforts weren’t in vain.


The Latest episode of Game Of Thrones is totally Ramazan safe.

There is nothing to fear since you won’t be seeing the *ahem* usual shenanigans on the screen.

Never thought you’d see ‘MashAllah’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ in the same sentence now did you?


O Razaydaaro, go and legally watch the latest episode and pray that next week’s episode too is Safe for Ramazan.

Cover Image via: Movie Pilot

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