Someone's Trying To Ban This Reality Show Because Pakistani Women's Body Hair Offended Them

By Sajeer Shaikh | 9 Aug, 2017

A lot of different things have come under fire as far as the ghairat brigade is concerned. Killing for honor, questioning the honor of women and tethering it to that of a man’s is a pretty common phenomenon now.


We’ve lost some women to this abstract concept of honor

Source: Qandeel Baloch Official/Facebook

The daughters of our nations have had their honor questioned in courts filled with men seeking vengeance

While such serious tragedies have already taken place with absolutely no one paying heed to them, it’s rather peculiar to come across the news that Miss Veet Pakistan is the next target. 

According to reports, the president of the Shuhada Foundation, Tariq Asad, petitioned the Islamabad High Court on August 7th, seeking a court order against Miss Veet Pakistan being aired.

Other entertainment programs like Pakistan Idol and Voice of Pakistan were also targeted. The following were the reasons given in the petition for seeking the court order against Miss Veet Pakistan:

“This product [a hair-removal cream manufactured by the sponsor] aims and advertised asking women to remove body hair to make themselves more sexually appealing to [the] opposite gender, which is fundamentally shameful and against the injunction of Shariah.”

Tariq Asad also mentioned how PEMRA has become pretty ineffective in controlling behayai. 

Via Tenor

Now, understandably, Miss Veet Pakistan is just a show that perhaps may not mean much to many.

It’s something that people watch in their free time. Besides, it’s a form of entertainment. For the show to come under fire for the reason stated makes one wonder: what makes a show behaya? Additionally, how many things will we continue to shut down, simply because they may not fall in line with our lifestyle?

Unfortunately, many people seemed pretty on board with the petition

Some… uh, didn’t know what feminism means and kinda spoke about it anyway

Some had theories of their own regarding the matter

Others had different questions altogether

Some, however, called this move the “desi ISIS in action”

And others were just 100% done


Khair, aap log apne opinions please share karein in the comments below. Let us know what you think about this whole situation.


Cover image via @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram

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