34 of the Funniest Pakistani Tweets Ever

34 of the Funniest Pakistani Tweets Ever

34 of the Funniest Pakistani Tweets Ever

Our sense of humor is off the hook, you guys! And on the tenth anniversary of the coolest blue bird ever created, Pakistani tweeps sat down to reminiscence over some of the funniest, most epic tweets in history of Pakistani Twitter. What better day to relive these funny masterpieces than right before Pakistan Day?

Let us present to you our favorite compilation of tweets:


1. So, once upon a time, this happened…


2. Followed by an extremely uncomfortable cover-up. 🚫


3. Battling trolling tweets with love. 


4. This sweet AF walk down memory lane. 😭 😭 😭




5. Validation from Olivia Munn and then some… 💯


6. That’s some next level star power right there. 


6. Lala playing hard to get.


7. This monkey business.


8. Dat burn.


9. This EPIC thread.


9. …and the tweets keep coming.




11. Face meet hand.


12. Let’s just agree, we’ve all wanted to troll K Electric at one point in our lives.


13. Kebab mein haddi.

14.  *no comments*


15. Lala nashtay mein kya khatay hein?


16. No chill.




18. ‘Aiskrim’


19. #ThankyouFarhanVirk




21. Faith in humanity restored.


23. Talk about contradictions.


24. Mein baray ho kay Reham Khan ka shohar ban ke rahoonga.

25.  The first man to tweet about Osama Bin Laden raid in Abbottabad.

25. Shots fired.


26. Patriotic spirit lajawab.


27. Kids, this is why you should always Google stuff before commenting.


28. Daewoo social media team is slaying. ☝️


29. Lala on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire.  👀



30. Always that one guy…


31. Psychic, amirite?



33. The internet never forgives part I.


34. The internet never forgives part II.


Keep laughing, keep being funny and keep slaying, you guys. Happy Pakistan Day.


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