13 Fun Workouts You Can Do At Home That Are So Much Better Than Going To The Gym

By Iman Zia | 25 Mar, 2017

Having been an ardent gym-goer most of my life, the change in my routine has recently thrown me off – I’ve got a work schedule that won’t couple the easiness of going to the gym everyday. I also found that on the days I did make the tiring trek to the gym, I was terribly bored on the usual cross trainer-weight-training cycle. I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore.

I still wanted to exercise and lace it into my hectic new life, and one night I was dancing out my stress and frustration alone in my bedroom when I realized how much fun it was – and I had broke out quite a sweat, too. I started looking up some videos on YouTube and found a plethora of workout videos not just limited to dance that are way better than the gym!

Here are 13 fun workout videos that I’ve engraved into my nightly ritual:

1. Udi Udi Ja Workout


2. Laila Mein Laila Workout


3. Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Cardio Dance Workout


4. Rihanna’s Work


5. Dawin – Dessert by The Fitness Marshall


6. Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: Hip Hop Cardio Dance Workout 


7. The Perfect Workout ♥ Full Body Blast & Tone 


8. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown


9. Keaira LaShae HYDRAULICS Dance Workout – Uncle Luke 


10. Latin Dance Party Workout (Beginner Friendly) -Keaira LaShae


11. Shape Of You

Okay, this one’s a little hard but worth a watch to get inspired.


12. 30-Minute Cardio-Boxing and Core-Tightening 


13. Ramta Jogi | Taal Dance Choreography 


Put on one of these and dance your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Cover image via: sunday.com.pk

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