Here Are Some GUARANTEED Ways To Trick Your Period Into Not Hurting Like A B*tch

By Biya Haq | 6 Apr, 2018

Okay so, here’s the thing, you can’t REALLY trick your period into anything. It’s a bodily process, not a genie.


BUT, we do have a number of things that you can do to change the way your HEART FEELS. Emotionally.

Because no matter how strong you may be and no matter what’s going on in your life, periods can be a b*tch, so here’s how to deal with them. Love you.

1. Order yourself some goodies. ASAP.

Some lovely and innovative ladies in Lahore and Karachi have stepped up to make amazing period care-packages and friends, they are AMAZING..’Those Days‘ and ‘Boyfriend in a Box’ are two such services and we GUARANTEE, the goodies that come inside them will make the pain vanish. VANISH.

2. Forget everyone and everything and head to the SPA.

Source: Hope Productions

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK WOMAN. Pampering, love and some TLC is all ya need.

3. Call in sick, stay in bed, light some candles and put a face mask on.

Source: @Much

Don’t want to leave the house? Been there. Have a staycation, turn your phone off and slide under your bed covers for a solid day of rest. Trust us, it’ll help.



Watch allllll the Turkish dramas, allll the chick flicks and hey, horror movies? Whatever you’re in to, get to it girl.

5. Strength is in numbers, ladies, strength.


If you like having company, call your friends over for a girls night. Have the ultimate slumber party with your best friends – you’ll forget about the torture of periods alllll together in a fun


Source: Dharma Productions

That is all.

7. Cry.


You know there may be a point when you’re gonna want your emotions to flood out of your system. Promise no one will be watching and no one will be judging, let the floodgates open, love you.

8. Pretend it’s not even there.


Ignorance is bliss and you know what’s blissful? NOT PERIOD PAIN. (We know that’s not very practical but whatever, we’re trying everything here, ahkay?)

9. Try working out! No, seriously.


Studies show that sometimes some light exercise can actually provide relief from your period pain! Now we’re not saying start the 42-day challenge on your first day, but some walking in the park can do nothing but help.

10. Breathe. Take it in.

Source: Dharma Productions

Sometimes, there is no such thing as a magical list of remedies. In fact, like a lot of things in life, all you can do is give it time, it’ll be over before you know it! Until next month, of course.

Source: Pathé Distribution

So there ya have it ladies, a couple of words of wisdom from us to you. Though this list may not take away ALL of your pain, we think it’s a start. Love you.

Have any other remedies to take the pain away? Do any of these work for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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