Humaima Malick's Honest Meltdown After Her Brother's Wedding Will Emotionally Ruin You

By Iman Zia | 6 Apr, 2018

Humaima Malick’s little brother Feroze got married last week, and it must have been an incredibly severe and emotional odyssey for the actress. After all the magnificent festivities came to an end, Humaima had a heartbreaking meltdown on Instagram, going to show that actresses too are human after all.

*cue tears*

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The actress took to Instagram to post two heartbreaking photos of her in tears as she wrote a passionate message for the men who have stood by her side throughout all obstacles

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


The moving and stripped message was for her brothers and father, in particular, who have collectively been her backbone throughout her entire life and have always accepted her no matter what she has done

She stated how she too often gets a ‘reality check’ and only ‘feels at home’ when she’s in the arms of her brothers, feeling ‘complete’ in all entirety.

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


The actress dedicated this message to all the girls who follow her and expressed how she has never been judged, abused or belittled despite the various downs in her life

She implied that this is real love, a love that has no conditions; a constant love that remains sturdy throughout whatever whirlwind might sweep you up in. She confessed how even after her lows, she’s always been able to fall back on her brother Feroze, cousin Ali bhai and father, who all make her a ‘stronger and better person every day.’


Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


Humaima has always expressed her closeness with the men of her family, in particular, Feroze, whom she is very fond of

Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


This is such a beautiful message, and honestly a mess right now. Bravo Humaima, truly for breaking down all walls and being profoundly honest with your words!

Source: NBC


Humaima has disabled comments for the post.


What are your thoughts on Humaima’s message?

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