15 Subtle Signs That It's Probably Time To Remove Someone From Your Friends List

By Hurmat Riaz | 6 Aug, 2017

Internet is a nice place where people get to interact and voice their opinion openly *well, not openly sometimes*. But there is always certain someone in your friend list whose posts and shares nag you the moment you see them on your news feed.

Here are some subtle signs which will help you identify that certain someone so that you can remove them and cleanse your news feed:


1. When they won’t stop sharing stuff that is shady AF

‘yahan click karain’ won’t give you the whole, proper news, people.

Source: New Line Cinema via imgflip.com

2. When there’s only fake news on their timeline

Fake news can harm anyone without you knowing it. So please be careful guys.

Source: Saga Music

3. When they won’t stop sharing stupid quizzes like the ones that reveal the true meaning of your name

Or their spirit animal, or what they will be in alternate universe. Honey, it’ll not change your personality. It’ll still remain the same.

Via: Facebook

4. When they’re being intolerant about something sensitive to many others

Issues like rape, child abuse, sexual harassment need to be addressed with an open mind and heart.

Source: Saga Music

5. When you realize that their comments make no sense, ever

You cannot state ‘facts’ just because you ‘heard’ them somewhere.

Via: Tumblr

6. And when you try to make them understand, they won’t hear you out

And start commenting in caps lock and make you feel like they’re yelling into your brain.

Source: Saga Music

7. When they won’t stop sharing desi totkay without Zubaida aapa’s approval

C’mon man, haldi doesn’t heal everything.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions

8. When their jokes start to include cancer and AIDS, all the diseases that aren’t funny

These are real diseases and millions of people suffer from them. Please be careful about it.

Source: Saga Music

9. When all they do is upload their selfies all day with irritating captions like #poserme #loveme

It’s true that you should love yourself but c’mon, keep it to yourself.

Via: Tumblr

10. When they ‘like’ their own post

Itna self obsession sehat k liye acha nahi hota!

Via: Giphy

11. When their political views start getting on your nerves

Yes, you should have political opinions but they should make sense as well. Only blindly following your favorite political party won’t prove your point anywhere.

Source: Saga Music

12. When all they do is support a political party incessantly and bash another one

The comment war on their posts can fuck up anyone’s mind and you get to realize how much stupid people can be.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions

13. When their “inspirational quotes” are not inspirational anymore

Via: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

14. When they keep on adding you in random groups where no one is making any sense

You keep on leaving such groups and they keep on adding you even when you ask them to stop.

Source: Saga Music

15. When they think that every other thing is haram on the internet

“Ludo star is haram!” What even?!?

Source: MangoBaaz


Tag someone who you’d like to remove from your friend list. Or don’t. Your call. LOL.


Cover image via: Walt Disney Pictures / UTV Motion Pictures / Anil Kapoor Films Company

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