13 Struggles You Know To Be True When Your Have Friends That Are Like Family

By Biya Haq | 12 Nov, 2017

Having a good group of friends is a blessing in life. Everything from having someone to finish your food with to help dealing with breakups. But an even bigger blessing in life is when your best friend is basically a part of your family.

If you have been lucky (or unlucky enough :p) to have friends like fam in your life, you’ll be able to relate to every single one of these points:


1. They come over when you don’t invite them

Via Deenga

Literally, never invite them.


2. They spend more time with your siblings than you do

Via: Deenga

And you secretly get jealous 😛


3. Your parents are constantly asking about them, way more than they ask about you

Via Deenga

Like, way WAY more.


4. They’re in your family WhatsApp group and your relatives talk to them more than they talk to you

Via: Deenga

And they have an entire folder of embarrassing baby pictures because of it. Thanks Ammi.


5.  They know the names of your khalas, mamus, chachas, phuphos, all your cousins and even your extended family

Source: Hope Productions

Which is great when you forget their names.


6. Need to get permission from ammi to go to that party on Saturday? Just use their name

Via: Deenga

‘Sarah bhi jaa rahee hai!’


7.  Need an excuse on why you were late? Just use their name

Via: Deenga

“Umair ko kaam tha isliye uss ne mujhe late drop kiya”


8. You can always drag them to boring family get togethers and dinners

Source: IRK Films

And it’s never weird because your family asks them to come in the first place.


9. Sleepover ki ijaazat is literally never happening unless it’s at their house

Via: Deenga

Don’t even think about asking for anyone else’s house.


10. They are the perfect buffer when it comes to family arguments and discussions

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

Sometimes, a much needed buffer.


11. But you know they will always be there for you and your fam no matter what

Via: Deenga



12. And they may get a little annoying…

Via: Deenga

(Super annoying.)


13. …But you know you could never live without them.

Source: starworld.startv.in

Love you.

Can you and your friends relate to these points? Do you hate and secretly love how much your parents love your best friend? Let us know your thoughts and dreams in the comments section below.



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