Free Fire Continental Series Just Had The Lahore Qualifiers And What An Absolutely Thrilling Event It Was

By MangoBaaz Studio | 27 Oct, 2020

Free Fire Continental Series 2020 just had the most exciting Lahore Qualifiers

Pakistani gamers rejoiced when Free Fire announced that the ‘Free Fire Continental Series 2020’ will also have its playoffs in Pakistan. What an exciting opportunity to play your favorite game and win cash prizes while you nail it!


So, Free Fire had their Pakistan Qualifiers in Lahore on Saturday, 24th October and it goes without saying that it was quite an exciting event

Let’s take you through what went down at the Lahore Qualifiers. There were a total of 72 teams with 320 players (including substitutes). What a massive number! The 72 Teams were divided into 6 groups and each group played 3 matches (Maps: Bermuda>Purgatory>Kalahari).

Source: Garena


A total of 18 Matches were played on Saturday and 4 teams from every group qualified for the semi-finals, which makes a total of 24 teams

Source: Garena


After day one’s action packed sessions, Free Fire Continental Series had their Lahore semi-finals on Sunday, 25th October and it consisted of 24 teams and around 100 players

The 24 teams were divided into 2 groups and both of the groups played 3 matches (Maps: Bermuda>Purgatory>Kalahari). 6 teams from every group qualified for Finals

Total 6 Matches were played out of which 12 teams qualified for LAHORE QUALIFIER Finals!

Source: Garena


The Lahore finals included 12 teams and needless to say that the competition was through the roof

The 55 players played 6 matches, out of which 4 teams qualified for the PAKISTAN QUALIFIER Finale that’ll take place on the 7th of November.

The following scoreboard will give you a better idea of the qualifying teams and their positions:

Source: Garena


The qualifying teams won amazing cash prizes, up to worth PKR 40,000

Source: Garena


Free Fire Continental Series is going to conduct its Islamabad qualifiers this week on 31st Oct & 1st Nov

Here is the timeline of the entire tournament, so gear up gamers:

Source: Garena

Stay tuned for a whole range of action-packed adventures with Garena Free Fire. You can also get more details about the tournament from their official website, or the Garena Free Fire Pakistan YouTube & Garena Free Fire (PK) Facebook pages.


Cover image via Garena

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