Fashion Pakistan Week Just Ended And Here Are All The Hot Shaadi Trends For The Upcoming Season

By Arslan Athar | 2 Oct, 2018

Fashion Pakistan Week, aka FPW, just drew to a close yesterday. With 3 days of Pakistan’s best showcasing their bridals and luxury lines, there are bound to be some trends that have surfaced. So, we’ve put together this list for you, so you don’t have to go out looking for inspiration as you go ‘shaadi-shopping’

Muted colors and pastels were hot on the ramp this weekend

Multiple designers showcased colors that weren’t as loud as we usually expect out of a bridal collection.

Pastels reigned supreme over the three days of FPW

There were multiple designers who took inspiration from old world design aesthetic

It was refreshing to see simpler designs in the line of heavier works 

Block prints and simpler fabrics rocked the catwalk and will rock your wardrobe 

There’s nothing quite like these simple numbers

Bold prints and motifs are definitely ‘IN’

A lot of designers took the risk of putting large prints on their bridals, and it all just blended in beautifully to create a magnificent look. Something you can definitely try this upcoming shaadi season.

And they’re just absolutely gorgeous to look at 

Silver and ‘chrome’ looks were definitely in as well

In terms of ‘looks’, a lot of designs featured silvers and shiny silks. They definitely added a whole new dimension to how we look at bridal wear here in Pakistan.

And it works with darker colors, like dark pinks and purples, which would look GREAT this coming shaadi season

Now while pastels featured heavily on the catwalk, so was color and vibrancy

Bright colors and color blocking was popular among designers. In fact, a lot of designers featured pastel outfits and brightly colored outfits in the same collection, which brought a lot of depth to their lines

Some designers went all out with how they used color, and some incorporated rang in smaller ways, which definitely makes an outfit look and feel more dignified 

This is a great way to put some color in especially if you aren’t that confident with bright colors.

So there you have it! Here are all the trends the FPW showcased this past week. Which one of these do you think will feature in your shaadi wardrobe this season?

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