Forget White Walkers, The Indian Army Just Spotted A Yeti In The North

By Biya Haq | 30 Apr, 2019


According to the Indian Army, a Yeti has been spotted in the Himalayas.


For those of you who may not be familiar, a Yeti is an ancient mythical creature that has been said to date back to pre-Buddhist times. According to the Lepcha people of the Himalayan region, it is also known as the ‘Glacier being,’ one of their hunting gods, and the ruler of all forest creatures.

And according to Indian media, it seems as if the mythical beast has been spotted.

Apparently, an Indian mountaineering team spotted footprints of the yeti in the snow, measuring 32×15 inches close to the Makalu base camp at the beginning of this month.

Source: The Hindu

The army has released extra photos and videos in support of their claim as well.

Source: @adgpi Via Twitter
Source: @adgpi Via Twitter
Source: @adgpi Via Twitter

The images allegedly match up with previous theories held by the Army sources and have  been handed over to experts in the field.

*What we thought the footage was going to be*

Source: @TeamPurple

All jokes aside though, this yeti, if it is the actual yeti – is no laughing matter. The Yeti is the oldest mythical creature in the book. It has been the source of cautionary tales all over the world used to scare little kids before going to bed at night. And some adults. Me.

It bears (pun intended) similarity to ‘Big Foot’ who you may have also heard of.

Source: Texas Monthly

^ Just a theoretical image.

‘Big Foot’ is a similar mythical character in the way that it also stands upright like a man however Big Foot, is native to North America, specifically the Pacific Northwest while the Yeti, lives in Asia.

There have been multiple instances of people all over the world spotting footprints of these mythical creatures at different points in history yet with no one able to actually catch the big guy. It truly is a mystery and if you ask me, we should let it go about its business. It has chosen to live its life in the north in its own abominable bliss and we, as young as we are compared to this INFINITE soul are no one to interfere with its pre-planned lifetime mountain wandering. Just saying.

Also, LOL, it doesn’t look like anyone’s  really all that excited about it.

^ This is all I am saying. Maybe he’s on vacation!! LEAVE YETI ALONE!



Most are actually pretty disappointed, which is a little sad.

This Yeti is getting five-star treatment and it isn’t even AROUND. We know the elections in India might be driving everyone crazy but like, lol, take a breather friends.

Have you seen the news? Do you believe in Yetis? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Texas Monthly/@adgpi Via Twitter

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