First Day Back To School vs First Day Back To University

By Arslan Athar | 16 Aug, 2016

Ah, August! The month of independence but unfortunately it is also the month of going back to school or university. As kids, the first day of school after summer was either totally exciting or frightening. The rasam of going back to school was a long one, it involved many days of planning, shopping and general khupp. This gets flips on its head when you go to university. The rivaaj of pre-school prep ends when you enter the gates of university. The innocence of the first day of classes is lost as you get earlier, and now we’re going to remind you about it.


Shopping for all them school ‘essentials’ 

Bachpan: You end up making a super long list with your mom. This is the best time for every kid to sneak in all the goodies they’ve ever wanted.


University: Stationary? Lol! You’ll either just borrow (and by that you mean take) everything from that one bechara who comes to class prepared, or you’ll become one of those ‘notes kon leta hai‘ kids.

Source: Tumblr


The quest for the perfect pencil box

Bachpan: The hardest thing is to find that en vogue pencil box. Those chunky boxes with the necessary compartments and the inbuilt sharpener! Poor moms had the task to taking you from shop to shop to find the one pencil case that would satisfy all your childish needs.

Source: Amazon

University: Your jeans pockets, or purse are your pencil box. Throw in a few pens and never replace them, until the day you realize that ALL the pens you own don’t work.

Source: Seventeen


Going back to a normal routine

Bachpan: When school was going to start in a week, your parents would have the bright idea to start putting you to bed early, so you can wake up on time. Not like it would make a difference. Waking up on the first day was still the greatest struggle of you life.

Source: Deenga

University: University is starting tomorrow? Yup, you’re still going to binge watch that season and your nocturnal tendencies are not going anywhere! Sleeping early is for the weak.

Source: Deenga


Being punctual to the first day

Bachpan: You need to get to school on time, especially if you went to one of those schools that had those stupid policies of locking you out if you were late. Bizti hogi if you got locked out on the VERY first day, reputation ki baat hai! (that is if you cared)

Source: Tumblr

University: Considering its the first day of class, ain’t no one going to impose the attendance policy. Bilkul chill mein entry maarte ho and the most you’ll have to endure is the instructor eye roll.

Source: Deenga


Teacher pe acha impression maarna 

Bachpan: No matter how pagal you were as a kid you knew to not piss off the teachers on the first day. The rest of the year you can do whatever you want but the first day is the only chance to set an impression.

Source: Deenga

University: If you don’t care about being on time, how can you care about having a good first impression. The semester is full of chances and then again there’s always a component of the grade dedicated to impressing the professor.

Source: Deenga


Meeting your squad after 4eva 

Bachpan: If you had really strict parents you were deprived of squad time all summer. And even if your walidayen were chill, nothing beats friends time in school. Walk around like you own the damn place.

Source: Deenga

University: Well this is one of the things that don’t change when you go to university. Nothing quite like walking around like you’re the shit.

Source: Deenga


Lunch Box rituals 

Bachpan: Opening your lunch box to find your amma‘s beautifully arranged food! A new year means restarting the process of the ‘great food exchange’. Swapping or simply snatching food till you get all the goodies for yourself. Lunch time bullies are made on the first day of school


University: By you get to university you forget what its like to have a lunch break. So any free time you get, you basically eat anything you get your hands on.

Source: Deenga


Getting the year’s textbooks

Bachpan: No matter what school you went to, the first day meant you would get almost all your textbooks and your bag when you got back home was at the point of explosion. And then of course you bechari ammi had to cover them and you’d just sit idly and watch her, your beghairti never let you help her.

Source: Deenga

University: The first day usually translates into finding the cheapest copy of the course material or better yet ‘download’ the soft copy. Or if you’re too badass then you’re probably never getting a book in any shape or form.



Getting the seating plan for you liking 

Bachpan: The success of the academic year depended heavily on who you sat next to. Agar miss achi hui tou she’ll let you sit with whomever you want and if not tou then you’re screwed. But you were never worried by that, because you’d find loopholes in the system.

Source: Deenga

University: Thankfully the first day of classes means you’re guaranteed to get seats with you fraands. Now you can upload snapchat stories with you and your besties being ‘#bored’ in class!

Source: Tumblr


Showing off your new wardrobe

Bachpan: In school new wardrobe was limited to new shoes. Yippy!

Source: Deenga

University: Well this is where new wardrobe means coming out with them new clothes on. You’ll think you look so fly till you see about 10 people with the same shirt on.

Source: Tumblr


Wanting to go back home

Bachpan: After a long day, you just want your bed and food!

Source: Tumblr

University: After so many days you feel free, without the shackles of being at home all the day. You don’t want to lose that feeling just yet.

Source: Tumblr


No matter how old you get, the first day of school or university will always be an interesting experience. Whatever happens the madness of those ‘first’ days will remain forever.

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