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Film “Verna” Has Been Banned By The Censor Board And Here It Goes Again

Film “Verna” Has Been Banned By The Censor Board And Here It Goes Again

Shoaib Mansoor’s film ‘Verna’ has been banned by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Islamabad, according to reports. Starring Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid as the protagonists, the film marks Shoaib Mansoor’s return to Pakistani cinema after a semi-hiatus of six years, with ‘Bol’ his last production.



A source has told MangoBaaz that the film has now been banned and is pending review

In an official statement by ‘Hum Films’ ” filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor has gone into appeal with censor board today for urgent relief for his film ‘Verna.’ The film will hopefully be reviewed by full board today and we are hoping that the full board will prevail.”


Verna’ was banned by the CBFC, Islamabad because of the raw telling of abuse, and has been termed as indecent for audiences

The film has been banned


Verna’ tells the tale of Mahira’s character who is raped and seeks vengeance by the men who have wronged her

Source: Shoman Productions


A discussion has begun on social media regarding the decision made by the CBFC




The film now awaits review under the full board. What are your thoughts on this – the fact that a film projecting incredibly real issues that underline this society has been banned, however more masala and ‘leave-your-brain-at-home’ films have an easy breeze?

The film was scheduled to be released on November 17th. Watch this space for updates.

Editor’s note: this piece has been updated to clarify that Sindh Censor Board has raised objections on the film and CBFC is yet to review it as a full board.

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