27 Of The Funniest FIFA World Cup Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By Mehwish A. W. | 12 Jul, 2018

It’s FIFA season once again and with the FIFA World Cup final just around the corner, the football fever is going strong. Be it those crazy football fans or those who know only Messi and Ronaldo, everyone these days is excited and anticipating who will lift the cup this time.

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Although we do not yet know who will win it this time, we can enjoy all the hilarious memes that have surfaced since this World Cup began. Without further ado, here are some of the funniest memes the FIFA World Cup has blessed us with so far.

1. When Messi and Ronaldo started their journey back home after Argentina and Portugal were knocked out, these ‘going home’ memes with the iconic farewell song were so on point:

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2. Khayal rakhna, Messi bhai.

Tag a Messi / Argentina fan 😛 #worldcup2018

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3. Remember Messi posing with a goat? Here is another funny take on their journey back home!


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4. Another one that is sure to make you laugh! Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar enjoying the World Cup  games as mere spectators

Wow what a deal! 🔥 🔥 🔥

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5. Here is the entire Brazilian team posing with Neymar in his ‘signature’ pose. 

Neymar got a lot of memes to his credit in this edition of the FIFA World Cup because of you know what! Yes, you guessed it right LOL. He spent too much time on the floor appealing for fouls during this World Cup to not get memed for that.

FIFA World Cup
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6. And here he has been given something really special

FIFA World Cup
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7. This is the best one though, isn’t it?

Fifa World Cup
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8. If this was not enough, we have another one here of Neymar

I know you bro. #worldcup

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9. LOL.

10. Ded.


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11. He appears to be the star of the FIFA World Cup – for memes, of course.

Fifa World Cup
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12. And, there has to be his ‘going-home’ meme too

Going home 👋

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13. Khair, enough of Neymar and his drama. Let’s move to Mardona now! His expressions throughout this FIFA World Cup were also meme-worthy and here you go

14. Dis tew much.

Tag your friends 👇😂

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15. Germany’s early exit  also left a lot of their fans disappointed, and many coped through memes

Tea isn't bitter when it's out of the cup – #9gag #worldcup

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16. Just…LOL.

Cheers 🍻 #Worldcup #belgium

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17. Talking about the similarity between Germany and Belgium flags, here is another funny one that was made after Belgium defeated Brazil in the Quarter Finals

Fifa World Cup
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18. Meanwhile, England and their fans kept saying all the time that it’s coming home, and we couldn’t just leave them out from our funny memes collection

19. Matlab…okay.


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20. Sure.

21. Okay, shoday.

22. And, how can we forget Kylian Mbappe and his speed:

Kylian Mbappe is so quick. #worldcup

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23. And, oh yes, this was just about to slip from my mind, but not anymore. “Harry Maguire Talks to Woman” is now a certified meme, which started off with this…

24. …and it keeps getting better and better

25. See?

26. Lol ok.

27. And last but not the least – ek relevant meme toh banta hai.

LMAO, what’s your favorite meme out of all of these? Have more to share? Drop em’ by in the comments and let us know who you’re rooting for.


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