Feroze Khan Met THAT Diehard Fan And It Was Freaking Adorable

By Sarah Babar | 12 Jan, 2018

We recently wrote about this young girl from Dubai, Sara, who was visiting Karachi for a few days and was willing to do ANYTHING to meet Feroze Khan!


Source: @ferozekhaan / Twitter


Endless people got together to make this happen, including Feroze Khan himself


Welllll, they finally ended up meeting each other and OMG it was absolutely adorable

Source: @SaraLogang / Twitter


What started off as a seemingly uneventful, harmless post on a private group led to her story going viral

Source: @ferozekhaan / Twitter

Eventually, Feroze Khan’s own team reached out to her and made it happen and what followed was honestly the sweetest thing we’ve seen in a while


The two met and spent quite some time together, and the rest as they say is history

Source: @SaraLogan / Twitter

Sara and Feroze met at a restaurant under his gym and spoke about life, among other things. As you do when you meet a celebrity. Even though he wasn’t acting like one, apparently. They also spoke about values and and life, and what the method to his madness was. They were joined by Feroze’s friend, Bilal and conversation carried on. They spoke about the tragic incident in Kasur, involving Zainab.


Feroze, then, took Sara to his gym to watch him train

Feast your eyes, ladies



We feel that this is extremely important that celebrities interact with their fans, in this way. And it’s honestly very sweet that Feroze went ahead with this. And we also hope that more celebrities start doing the same for their fans.


Source: @impeccabletablemanners via giphy.com


What do you think about this aww brigade? Let us know in the comments below!


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