Zainab's Father Requesting The Removal Of The Ahmadi JIT Officer Has Upset Many People

By Aam Nawab | 12 Jan, 2018

Recently, Zainab’s father was in the news where he demanded justice for his daughter’s immensely horrifying tragedy. However, he happened to ask for the Ahmadi Head of the JIT to be changed because – well – of his faith.


Here’s a video of Zainab’s father asking for a “Muslim” JIT head:

Now, given how sensitive the entire matter is, there’s some level of subdued anger over this. Minorities have it hard, to begin with, in Pakistan. A father – in the face of this overwhelming tragedy – focusing on a man’s faith has not gone down well with many.


People sympathized with him, undoubtedly. However, they couldn’t deny that this was a case of bigotry.

Some people had a more controlled, balanced reaction to the statement.

Others seemed to be at a loss for words.

Some outlined how we should care more about humanity than religion.

Others talked about how this was blatant discrimination against Ahmadis.

Some even called it “shocking.”

For some, the request to have an Ahmadi officer removed was “deeply painful.” They even spelled out the entire situation, highlighting why that was so.

Others speculated over what would happen next, given how things had played out.

Regardless, Shehbaz Sharif changed the head of JIT as per Zainab’s father’s demands. The news broke earlier today.

And it hasn’t gone down well.

But there’s something we must all keep in mind:

For Pakistanis, this is an extremely sensitive and tricky situation to be in. On one hand, there’s a grieving father putting forward certain demands. On the other hand, the issue of discrimination against minorities has been raised alongside. There are many layers to this entire ordeal. What can definitely be said is that all of it is downright unfortunate.

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