Fawad Khan's Sister Just Got Engaged But I Can't Focus Because HELLO FAWAD

By Iman Zia | 28 May, 2018

Fawad Khan’s sister Sanaa Khan got engaged in a very private ceremony, with few pictures circulating the net. We got a hold of all of them, and while everyone looked utterly spectacular, I couldn’t take my eyes off of one individual; that’s right, you’ve guessed it…

A picture began circulating early this morning of the actor wearing a white shalwar kameez, from his wife Sadaf’s couture collection ‘SFK Bridals’

Source: @divapakistanmagazine/Instagram


Source: playbuzz.com


Sorry just lost focus for a second…and while we particularly didn’t know why this photo suddenly surfaced, what with the actor being very low-key…

Photos began circulating of his sister, Sanaa Khan who we found out was actually getting engaged, and my goodness did she look absolutely beautiful.

Source: @divapakistanmagazine/Instagram


The intimate ceremony was just with close family members, and while everyone looked delightful, I’m sorry but Fawad just stole the thunder

Source; @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Fawad, shame on you really. Your sister just got engaged, and you’ve stolen all the thunder

Source: @divapakistanmagazine/Instagram


You ? get to do this to us, really – also you look like a donut I wouldn’t mind a bit of (TOO FAR I KNOW I’M SORRY)

Source: @divapakistanmagazine/Instagram


He is perfection, dont @ me you know I’m right

Via Tumblr


Via Tumblr


But in all seriousness, we wish the newly engaged couple (who look beautiful together) all the very best

Source; @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Oh whoops how did that get in here our apologies

Source: @divapakistanmagazine/Instagram


This isn’t the first time the actor’s upstaged a bride or groom…remember Feroze’s mehndi?

Source: @hellopakistan/Instagram


OKAY enough fangirling!

Source: FOX


What did you think of Fawad’s beautiful plain look?


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