Fawad Khan Might Have Just Upstaged Feroze, The Dulha, With His Classic Black Look

By Iman Zia | 27 Mar, 2018

Feroze Khan’s star-studded mehndi took place last night, with the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry present to celebrate this wonderful new venture in his life. And while he looked absolutely magnificent, truly, we couldn’t help drool over someone else in particular as pictures and videos of the function flooded our social media timelines…*cough cough Fawad cough cough*


Fawad Khan arrived at Feroze’s mehndi wearing the simplest, most classic of looks…a plain black shalwar kameez

Source: @amiradnanofficial/Instagram

Source: Sony Pictures Television


Source: @hellopakistan/Instagram


And my goodness, did he look FINE as hellz

Source: Apatow Productions/Gary Sanchez Productions


Source: @hellopakistan/Instagram


I mean really, truly magnificent

Via Tumblr


And while Feroze did look handsome, (here he is being greeted by the Grecian god himself)…

We can’t help notice anything or anyone other than Fawad…even the dhula and dhulan himself

(Sorry, Feroze, Aliza and Sadaf, you all look beautiful, but Fawad is just… *sighs for eternity*)

Source: @hellopakistan/Instagram


Honestly though, sorry not sorry but…

Source: NBC


On a scale of 1 to infinity, how do you rate the actor’s look?


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