Farhan Saeed In His New Music Video Will Wreck You Emotionally With His Wild Side

By Iman Zia | 31 Jul, 2018

Farhan Saeed just keeps leaving us all in awe with his impeccable skills. The ‘Suno Chanda’ actor just released a single with Rishi Rich, called ‘Maula’ that exudes an intoxicating palette of east meets west – amalgamating both Rishi Rich’s freshness with Farhan’s pungent vocals. I might be Farhan’s fan, but I’m also a very fair critic that holds a strong ‘no bullshit’ policy, but this song is FREAKING AMAZING.

Source: Silver Lemon Media


‘Maula’ has been shot beautifully, mostly in London with midnight escapades and neon rendezvous between Farhan and his on-screen love, model Kiran Malik. While most songs often fail us, often shrouding the lack of sound with zealously shot videos, Farhan and Rishi Rich give you delicious dosages of both melody and aesthetics; The chorus is strong, bittersweet and reminiscent of a past love where you both felt infinite. Rishi injects his dark tonality, ascending Farhan’s strong vocals to give you legit the song of the year.

Source: Silver Lemon Media


The video is a delight too – while there isn’t really a sound premise of a storyline it doesn’t really matter when the song is as catchy as it is. You’re taken for a visual ride with Farhan (who looks absolutely gorgeous by the way), along with Kiran as they give us a slice of their invigorating love. We’re transported from lush fields to underground fluorescents. The opening is just as daunting, and the cinematic vibes unfurled throughout the video are impressive. The song is an enchanting echo of Farhan in his most optimum form. Bravo sir!

Source: Silver Lemon Media

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What do you think of ‘Maula?’

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