11 Faltu Misconceptions Almost All Pakistanis Have About Periods That Aren't True

By Maliha Khan | 3 Feb, 2019

That time of the month can involve a lot of crying, cramping, and complaining. There’s just no escaping menstruation. However, people in Pakistan tend to get a lot of stuff wrong about periods.

Here are a few of these faltu ki misconceptions:


1. That there is an on/off button

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Contrary to common belief, you cannot just turn a period off.  It is something that is not in our control unless you have some magical period powers. In which case – teach me your wizardry.


2. That using pads and tampons are like “building a dam”

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A dam is typically used to stop an overflow of water, so no inserting a tampon is not like a dam.


3. That this is a shaadi ke baad wala topic

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It is only appropriate to discuss periods after getting married, and only with other women, but never your husband. Yeh soch kaafi galat hai, waisay. Natural baat hai. Khul ke discuss karo. 


4. That there’s a mysterious body clock

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Yes, it does occur around the same time every month, so it is not a complete surprise to us when it does.  The keyword is “around.” Bilkul exact nahi hai. 


5. That women have some “special tools” to use their period products

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There are no special pliers or adhesive tapes that aid in the insertion or application process of feminine products. I mean, you do require instructions. But itna complicated nahi hai. 


6. That being in water prevents the flow 

Source: ARY Films

Just because you are in a body of water, or some form of water touches you, that does not mean you are on a break. The countercurrent of the water may prevent blood from flowing out in some cases, but that’s about as lucky as you’re getting.


7. That fluid consumption has something to do with the amount of flow you have

Source: Ahmad Rehan

The intake of fluids in a women’s body has nothing to do with the amount of blood she will experience leaving her body.


8. That pads are like ladies’ diapers

Source: changemakers.com

As much as we do not like to admit it, there is some truth behind the comparisons between diapers and feminine products.  They all have to be changed regularly (yes regularly, it is not a one-time thing), proper disposal methods need to take place, and the prices are a bit ridiculous.


9. That using tampons can cause “infertility” and loss of “virginity”

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Inserting anything into your vagina will NOT cause infertility. And don’t even get us started on the hymen which doesn’t even exist in most females (and remains unaffected by tampons.)  So next time your ammi, chachi, or khala tries to tell you that, show them this article and be prepared to school them.


10. That women need to be confined when on periods

Periods hain, koi deadly disease nahi. You don’t need to be locked up because you’re “impure.” Chill karo.

Source: hollywoodgossip.com


11. That periods are “dirty”

Source: champagnemanagement.com

Do not let anyone tell you that you are dirty because you are on your period. It’s actually a blessing, even if it doesn’t feel like it 99% of the time. Carry this ability around like a medal of honor.

Do you know of more faltu ki misconceptions? Let us know in the comments.


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