People Are REALLY Pissed That PEMRA Blocked News Channels Due To The Chaotic Faizabad Dharna

By Sajeer Shaikh | 25 Nov, 2017

For those of you who may not be aware of what’s happening in the country, let me fill you in real quick:

Numerous protestors from religious parties launched a dharna recently. They were given a deadline to call it off. Upon failing to do so, the government took strict action against them. Police, FC, and Rangers personnel were directed to crack down on the Faizabad Dharna participants. During these clashes, several people have been injured on both sides.

Protests have begun all around the country, with major roads being blocked as well. 

People are saddened to their core after hearing about this.

Moreover, people are pointing out flaws in the operation against the Faizabad Dharna.

In fact, some are angry that a group of protestors has taken an entire country hostage. 

Some called these happenings clear signs of a failed state.

However, the real outrage arose after PEMRA shared the following message:

News channels were prohibited to cover the operation, thereby leaving Pakistanis in a state of confusion and rage.

Though some thought it was a good move…

…many others pointed out how this move wouldn’t help at all.

Some people even asked whether doing so would magically fix the issue at hand.

Others said it was a pity that the government had to make this decision…

…clearly stating that situation was becoming more chaotic.

However, people were pretty blunt when stating how it was a wrong move.

And some pointed out that this “ostrich mentality” would not work anymore.

There seems to be a huge question mark over the current situation and the progression of events. However, let us hope that things are contained soon and people remain safe at all times.

Cover image: Express Tribune/AFP

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