People All Over The World Are Freaking Out Because Facebook Might Not Let Users Delete Their Posts Anymore

By Kashaf | 18 Nov, 2017

Everyone’s obsessed with being on Facebook, and social media, in general. After all, thanks to our increased reliance on the internet and global connectivity, it has kind of become a necessity for everyone to be on the web and in the know. But sometimes, it’s hard to filter out ones emotions and thoughts because everything is so immediate with these social networks. That’s when the “Delete” button comes as a savior.


Unfortunately, for everyone who has a hard time thinking before posting, Facebook might be bringing a change that will make it very hard for you to rethink your bad decisions

Apparently, it’s testing a new development that will make it very difficult to remove posts once you’ve posted them on the social network.

Facebook users are accustomed to constant changes in both the web and mobile versions, however, this time Facebook has decided to get rid of an entire option that saves the lives of blabbermouths around the world.

If this development does end up being true, users all over the world will be unable to delete posts on the desktop version of the site.


This concerning and strange problem was spotted by Twitter user and tech industry insider Matt Navarra

While some users may see this new update, others (like myself) are still able to see the “Delete” option and don’t find a reason to panic… just yet. However, because this could be a feature they are testing with a limited number of users so keep your fingers crossed that it’s just a bug and not a new update to your Facebook.


This has us wondering what Facebook is really up to…

For some people, clicking the menu option on the top-right corner of your posts only brings up these options: Save post, Edit post, Turn off notifications for this post, and Show in tab. The delete option is nowhere to be found.

source: Lionsgate Television


Weirdly enough, the option to delete a post is still available from the mobile version of the website, as well as the iOS and Android apps

So if you were freaking out about all those embarrassing posts from years ago, you can still delete them from your cell phone.

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Chances are that this is a temporary bug or that Facebook is gearing up for a new update. The company has yet to address the issue.

The good news is that Facebook has ~finally~ killed off it’s most annoying feature of all time: Invitations to games.


If this change does become real, will it made you hesitant to post on Facebook?


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