If You're Conscious Of Your Face, Here's How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin and Tone Your Cheeks

By Kashaf | 1 Nov, 2017

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Many people spend a lot of time, money, and energy trying to improve their appearance. Some even turn to expensive procedures and surgeries to try to look their best and gain confidence.

If you are conscious or insecure about your cheek and neck fat, here are some simple exercises you can do to tone and sculpt these areas:


1. Blow balloons

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Blowing balloons is a very effective exercise to tone and slim down chubby cheeks. Take a balloon and fill it with air. As you blow air into the balloon, the muscles in your cheeks will expand. Repeat this process 10 times. This exercise will not only slim your cheeks, but it will sculpt your jawline as well.


2. Practice the kiss

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The kiss exercise is a very effective way to get rid of a saggy chin. While standing, tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. Keep your eyes facing forward, pucker your lips, and “kiss the ceiling.” Hold the kiss for five seconds. Relax your lips and return your head to a neutral position. Repeat this 15 times.


3. Rotate your tongue

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The rotating tongue exercise is an effective and simple trick to get rid of cheek fat. All you have to do is close your mouth and rotate your tongue in circular movements clockwise and counterclockwise. Repeat the procedure 15 times clockwise and 15 times counterclockwise. Make sure the tongue touches the upper front gums and goes all the way around the mouth.


4. Do a neck roll

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Rolling the neck is extremely effective in toning the jawline, cheeks, and getting rid of a double chin. It helps tighten the skin of the neck and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. Either sitting or standing, start by keeping your head in a normal straight position. Then, slowly bend your head to one side and turn your head in a complete circular rotation.

Remember to keep your spine straight and shoulders down at all times. Repeat this clockwise and counterclockwise for five minutes.


5. Go ahead and make that fish face

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This method not only reduces excess fat in the cheeks but also improves the strength of the cheeks. Suck in both of your cheeks and make a fish face, then try smiling. Stay in the smiling fish face position for at least 10 seconds. Relax your face and repeat five times.


6. Chew some gum

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Chewing gum has great potential to burn fat and tone your cheeks, it’s also effective for double chins. Make sure the gum of your choice is sugar free and chew a wad for 20-30 minutes twice a day. This method is very effect as it melts the fat cells in the cheeks.


7. Slap that chin

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While facing forward, carefully slap your lower jaw (under your chin) with the back of your hand, not too hard and not too soft. Slap at a constant and regular pace for 30 seconds. This will help sculpt your chin and help firm the skin around your neck.


8. Gargle

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An easy and powerful trick to get rid of chubby cheeks is to gargle with warm water four times a day. Take a mouthful of warm water, swirl it around your mouth for 20 seconds, and spit it out. You can do this little trick anytime of the day.


9. Practice laying lifts

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Lay down face-up on a bed. Allow your head to hang off of the end of the bed. Lift your head up towards your chest while keeping your back and shoulders flat on the bed. Slowly lift your head up towards your chest while keeping your back and shoulders flat against the bed. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Slowly return your head to its starting position. Repeat this three times.


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If you struggle with excess neck and cheek fat or if you just want to tone your face and neck, try out these simple tricks. Remember that face fat can be genetic or just the natural structure of your face – so don’t be disappointed if it’s hard to lose fat in these areas – own it 😀


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