13 Ways To Entertain Yourself When You're The Only Friend To Arrive On Time

By Arslan Athar | 7 Sep, 2017

You’re the type of person who’s on time to everything. The ‘early-bug’ is so engraved into you that you never learn your lesson. So basically that means, you’re just always waiting for people to show up.

Waiting can and will be boring so here are some things you can do to pass the time:


1. Play Ludo Star

Ludo star has brought the quintessential Pakistani board game into the app age. So just sit back, and play till your friends arrive some 5 days late.

Source: Apple

2. Take some #insta photos 

Play up your Insta game. Make it work and watch the magic of the social media unravel

Source: Deenga

3. Catch up on current affairs 

Read up on twitter, and maybe even open up a newspaper. Remember those things?

Source: Deenga

4. Google something to “ogle” 😉

Yes your friends will be that late, so its best to really use your time productively.

Source: RedChilliesEntertainment

5. Order yourself some food

If you’re meeting up over a meal, just go ahead and order. They don’t respect your time

Source: Deenga

6. Spam your late friends on Whatsapp/ Facebook/ basically wherever possible

Shame them into coming a little earlier. They deserve it

Source: Deenga

7. Watch some of these really funny shows on YouTube

Again, might as well use your time productively.

Source: Eros

8. Partake in some poondi

You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t do that or don’t enjoy it. Just try it. You’ll love it.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

9. Watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham 

Its 4 hours long….yeah, I know. (Actually forget that, go watch a Pakistani movie)

Source: Deenga

10. Learn a new language 

First thing you should be able to say ‘Haan Haan mera waqt tou muft ka hai na’ 

Source: Deenga

11. Go home, sleep and then come back 

You’ll still be early.

Source: USA Today

12. Re-read Harry Potter and dive into the world of magic

Believe in the magic of the series, and maybe even enchant your friends into showing up early

Source: Warner Bros

13. Mentally prepare a speech about tardiness in your head for when those beghairats show up

Source: Deenga

Some people will never learn and will always be late. Kya karay aisay logon ka?


Cover image via: Waqar Zaka / YouTube

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