Ladies, Here's How Much You’ll Save On These Amazing MAC Lipstick Dupes

By Hurmat Riaz | 7 Sep, 2017

You cannot argue with the fact that MAC lipsticks are to die for but in this mehngai ka zamana, being a makeup lover costs you a lot. So, here we have compiled you a list of MAC lipstick dupes which will be very light in your pocket but will up your makeup game just like MAC does! 😉


1. MAC Velvet Teddy

Dupe: Revlon Mauve It Over

MAC price: Rs. 2875

Dupe price: Rs. 1320

Revlon’s Mauve it over will help you save Rs. 1555. Bachat, bachat, bachat!

Source: @zahra_najam / Instagram

2. MAC Angel

Dupe: Maybelline Born With It

MAC price: Rs. 1685

Dupe price: Rs. 790

You’ll save 895 rupees here and the shade is exactly the same.

Source: themistymom / beautyandeverythingelse / Pinterest


3. MAC Impassioned

Dupe: Maybelline 870 Shocking Coral

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 790

MAC’s chic ‘Impassioned’ shade has a dupe in Maybelline’s ‘Shocking Coral’ helping you save 900 rupay.

Source: lipsnberries / Pinterest


4. MAC Kinda Sexy

Dupe: Wet n’ Wild Bare It All

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 160

Did you see that? MAC’s shade is slightly more lustrous but just look at Wet n’ Wild Bare It All’s price.

Source: barbiedrugstoremakeup / Pinterest


5.  MAC Russian Red

Dupe: Maybelline 970 Daring Ruby

MAC price: Rs. 2635

Dupe price: Rs. 11,50

Maybelline 970 Daring Ruby will save you around 1500 rupees and again, the shade is exactly the same.

Source: miaslittlecorner / Pinterest


6. MAC Twig

Dupe: NYX B52

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 420

If you’re obsessed with mauve, then NYX B52 is a real treat for you as it’ll save you 1270 rupees.

Source: themakeupcase17 / Pinterest


7. MAC Velvet Teddy

Dupe: Maybelline Nude Perfection

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 210

MAC’s Velvet Teddy is also available in the nude shade which is to die for as it gives you the perfect no makeup look but Maybelline’s Nude Perfection will help you in being thrifty as well.

Source: jenniferframe / Pinterest


8. MAC Viva Glam 1

Dupe: NYX Alabama

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 420

This is again a treat for those who love red shades as NYX Alabama will save you a whopping 1270 rupees.



9. MAC Diva

Dupe: Revlon Raisin Rage

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 525

MAC Diva is a favorite red among women but Revlon has done it by replicating this passionate shade in less than half of its price.

Source: petite-sal / thescienceofchic / Pinterest


10. MAC Ruby Woo

Dupe: Colourpop Weekender

MAC price: Rs. 1800

Dupe price: Rs. 530

Another trendy shade of shade that will also help you save 1270 rupees.

Source: beautyandblush / the_lipstickdiaries / Pinterest


11. MAC Shy Girl

Dupe: NYX Pumpkin Pie

MAC price: Rs. 1690

Dupe price: Rs. 430

This everyday shade of orange can be bought at less than half the price. There’s a slight difference in their matte finishing as MAC’s is more creamy.

Source: xrylah / glamradar / Pinterest


12. MAC Rebel

Dupe: Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy

MAC price: Rs. 1800

Dupe: Rs. 210

Can you believe this? This deep purple shade is by Wet n Wild is an exact dupe and so much sasta! Ugh.

Source: cosasde-ladydiva / Pinterest


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