These Are The Lessons That Sanam Baloch in ‘Ek Thi Marium' Teaches Every Pakistani

By Sadia Khan | 7 Sep, 2016

Yesterday, as part of Defence Day festivities, Ek thi Marium was screened on TV. The story was inspired by the life of Marium Mukhtiar who graduated as a fighter pilot in Pakistan in 2014 and died in plane crash when she was on her routine operational training mission near Kundian, Punjab. It was a black day for Pakistan indeed.

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The film, which starred Sanam Baloch as Marium Mukhtar, was directed by Sarmad Khoosat and written by Umera Ahmed. It had all the elements that it needed to make a strong, long-lasting impact. The one thing in particular which everyone admired about this was how inspirational it was for all the women out there. It taught how every girl can achieve her dream even if it means going beyond what you think are your limitations.


It’s okay if it takes you a little time to find your goal in life, you will find it.


There are so many people out there who are always telling you what to do, one often gets confused between what is going to be the “safe” choice as opposed to what you actually want to do. Ek thi Marium shows how Marium got into an engineering university but after only four months, she realized that it wasn’t what brought her true happiness. She had to be somewhere else, flying up high in the sky was all she wanted since childhood. Engineering was not her thing at all. And well, she did become a heroine, in her favorite career.


Never let society control what your life should be like.


The movie opens with Marium’s dadi who’s always asking her parents to be strict with their daughters. And to worry about their jahaiz instead of wasting money on their other stuff. It shows the real mentality that people have towards girls’ upbringing. But Marium never cared enough about those people. She wanted to be a jet fighter pilot for the sake of her passion and patriotism. She didn’t care for what log kia kehte hain and that’s what made her famous.


Don’t worry if your parents aren’t easily agreeing with what you want to do, they will eventually.

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Marium’s father was an army officer himself, he knew how much struggle Marium will have to go through for her dream. He gave her a reality check and told her that it isn’t going to be a bed of roses. She has to work real hard and stay focused. Her mother always encouraged her. This was not her dream, she wanted her daughter to be an engineer but she let it go for Marium. When Marium complained about the tough training, she scolded her and told her to never give up.


Life isn’t always easy, but don’t worry, it will get better.


When Marium went to the PAF academy Risalpur, she stepped in a totally different world. She knew it that there is no one here to pamper her or look after her. She has to be her own hero now and face every obstacle with courage. Be it the ragging from seniors or utter humiliation in the corridors and she had to eat not-so-delicious food in the mess, too. Everyone there, was trying to prove that they are worth it. They truly deserve to be there. A competition was always going on, Marium tried her level best to tolerate every single thing. Without her courage being shattered.


Never think of yourself less than anyone else.


Marium’s sheer determination, hard work and will carried her through all hurdles in her professional life. You should know what you all are capable of doing, and let no one tell you otherwise. If you are meant to do something, you will. All you need is a little faith and loads of courage.


Never be afraid of the challenges life throws at you.


We are always afraid of what life may bring the next for us. A twist in luck, and everything will fall apart. This is a negative approach towards life. Experimenting with your life is not easy but who knows what it might turn into? Marium was not afraid to take the wheel of her life’s ship. She wanted to try new things and she went for it. She did not care for what it will bring her. All she did, was follow her heart.


Respecting everyone will bring you respect.


Marium’s character has been shown as a person who is down-to-earth and friendly. She doesn’t look down on others, she doesn’t change toward her friends after finding success in her life. She never disrespected any senior or for that matter even her parents. In life, you will come across many people who do not wish well for you and then there are some people who want to see you succeed but they will keep on giving you a reality check in life. All you need to do, is respect everyone. No one deserves your rude attitude. A smile and good behavior takes you a long way.


Never compromise on a life partner who doesn’t support you.


While looking for a rishta for Marium, her mom asked her if she liked someone but she refused that she never had time for this. So, her parents set her up with an engineer in the Air Force, who is equally supporting towards her career. After they get engaged, he makes it clear that if she ever needs any kind of help, he will always be there for her. He wanted her to go after her dreams and see her achieving the goals. So, if a guy tells you to choose between him or your career, you do know what to do.


You are your own master.


Sure one has to go through bad times to appreciate the good ones. However, you are in charge of your life. Everything will go your way if you are brave enough to control it. If you let the circumstances to beat you then do not blame your life or fate, blame yourself only. Live your life to the fullest, it is a blessing not a burden.


If you’re looking to watch the inspiring movie, the channel has put it up online. Here you go:

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