This Pakistani Guy Takes The Best Food Pictures In The Whole Wide World

By Malaika Tahir | 7 Sep, 2016

 WARNING: this post is going to make you very, very hungry 

Its the age of smartphones and Snapchat, DSLRs and Instagram, flower crowns aren’t the only thing flooding your news-feeds; its heavily filtered pictures of food; they’re everywhere. Whether you admit or not, most of you are guilty of trying to take a perfect beauty shot of the food you’re about to devour but this Pakistani businessman and traveler takes food pictures to the very next level.

zorain 3


Traveling is Zorain Iqbal’s hobby and he is a big-time foodie as well

As he often travels for work, he makes his trip and his meals both memorable and interesting by taking pictures with the idea of #Food with a view and posts these pictures on various Facebook food forums like Foodies R Us, Pakistan Food Forum as as well as his Instagram account under the hashtag #ZorainFinds

All Pakistani foodies look forward to his breathtakingly stunning food pictures as he travels around the world:


It really is a talent to take a picture of a Multani Sohan Halwa and turn it into a wallpaper-worthy, mouth-dropping piece of art:


Did you think a samosa picture cannot make it to your wall as a piece of very fine artwork? You were wrong, because Zorain just gave you samosa-picture goals:



And this picture will make you wish that you drop everything this very minute and run to Istanbul to have this dreamlike too-good-to-be-true naashta



You simply cannot unsee this romantic picture of two water-melons enjoying their honeymoon at the beach:



And you thought Pizza can only make you fat? Zorain has shown us that Pizza can be healthy too.

Sadly, it’s without the cheese or the dough *wipes a tear*


These pictures keep on getting better and who wouldn’t want to have this Turkish breakfast with this stunning view of the sky and a mosque:



He makes even a cup of coffee looks glorious with his gifted photography skills:



So. Beautiful.



His pictures are creative, thoughtful and absolutely perfect



And when I try to be Zorain, this happens

Don’t even try to be like Zorain, you can never be Zorain.



He has even inspired many others foodies who tried to take pictures similar to his:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.35.12 ب.د.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.35.25 ب.د.

Well, you can hardly blame them. Keep capturing these amazing pictures Zorain and thanks for giving us food-picture goals. Happy traveling!


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