Ducky Bhai And Zaid Ali T Just Got Into A Phadda, And Here's Everything You Need To Know

By MangoBaaz Studio | 28 Jun, 2019

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it has been one intense year for us Pakistanis when it comes to YouTube drama. While we thought we had witnessed the most entertaining phadda on Pakistani internet with the recent Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai drama, fate had decided otherwise.

Ducky Bhai has built himself a reputation for being an expert on roasting other YouTubers. In a recent video published to his gaming channel earlier this week, Zaid Ali T became the target of his ruthless roasting.

It all started with the video titled ‘I Hate Zaid Ali In PUBG Mobile 😡 !!!‘.

Ducky Bhai expressing his frustration over the fact that Zaid Ali, despite owning a computer worth $10,000, plays PUBG Mobile- and that angers him quite a bit.

Source: Ducky Extra/ YouTube

Ducky states that he is sick and tired of Zaid and his chawwaliyan, referring to him as a ‘chuchu’.

He then tells his audience “iss ko batatay hain ke game khelne keliyay paani hona chahiye joh ke tere ander nahi hay”.

Ducky then goes on to play a game with 3 people who he bribes to troll Zaid. His incentive was that he would add to his friends’ list.

Source: Ducky Extra/ YouTube

And of course, these people don’t hold back. Zaid was called all sorts of names.

Moreover, when one of these men told Ducky he couldn’t pass comment on the way Zaid played because he hadn’t played with him.

Source: Ducky Extra/ YouTube

If you watch the video, it isn’t hard to deduce that it really triggered Zaid.

Zaid, deeply hurt by Ducky’s remarks, didn’t hold back from telling the audience that he was offended and upset because he had thought that Ducky was a friend to him and wasn’t expecting what he had thrown his way.

Source: ZaidAliGaming/ YouTube

Zaid opened his response with a meme about Ducky, mocking the fact that he always starts his videos off by saying “yeh video mein banana nahi chah raha tha lekin mujhey banani parri”. 

Source: ZaidAliGaming/ YouTube

He then refuted Ducky’s claim that he owned a $10,000 PC, stating that the amount was in fact spent on an entire gaming room and not just a computer.

He also admits to playing PUBG Mobile despite having spent such a massive amount on equipment- but that’s because he edits his own videos and does not have to pay people to do it, like Ducky does. Ouch.

The roast train then kicks off for Zaid, and he responds to Ducky’s paani comment with a simple shot of what seems like himself pouring a huge bottle of water on to his face. Zaid mocked Ducky’s laugh among other things and said that he was bored by the dry nature of his videos.

Source: ZaidAliGaming/ YouTube

In response to #GameUthao, Zaid said he’d gladly do that ‘”lekin Ducky, pehlay apna rank toh uthao”.

The feud quickly picked up heat and drew the attention of thousands of people. As Pakistanis, we know better than to expect phaddas to end with simply just one exchange of roasts, especially on YouTube. So of course, we were expecting things to get far more flared up.

Luckily, Mountain Dew was quick to step in with this tweet.

Mountain Dew clearly had enough of all this talk and wanted to see some action. Who can blame them!


So now, instead of spending time waiting for and watching the long and unpredictable video responses, the viewers have a chance to watch the two YouTubers compete live and in person, ending it once and for all.

Via Giphy

The YouTubers were quick to respond to this challenge, with Ducky taking the lead in a video he uploaded to his gaming channel yesterday.

Source: Ducky Extra/ YouTube


Zaid was quick to follow, and uploaded a similar video to his Facebook page, clarifying that their fight was nothing serious and that he accepted the challenge.

Source: ZaidAliT/ Facebook

Earlier today, Mountain Dew provided the viewers with what they had all been waiting for along with Zaid and Ducky.


The match will be held at 8 PM this Sunday at Packages Mall in Lahore, and Mountain Dew invites all fans and gamers to come to support their favorite YouTubers in the arena. This is a great way for fans, to, first of all, having an exciting day out and to also see their favorite YouTubers actually battle it out. Let’s see which one is “game” and which one is simply all talk.

So what do you guys think? Are you game?

Sponsored By Mountain Dew Pakistan

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