Dr. Kashaf From Faisalabad Has Allegedly Been Kidnapped And Her Family Wants Justice

By Sana Yasmeen | 7 Nov, 2020

A doctor from Faisalabad was allegedly kidnapped while on her way to the hospital. Doctor Kashaf was reportedly on her way to the hospital when four armed men forcefully stopped the rickshaw and abducted her at gunpoint.

Kidnapped a day before an important court hearing, as per reports, the family and friends of Dr. Kashaf are distraught.

While talking to MangoBaaz, Dr. Kashaf’s brother explained that Kashaf’s nikah was solemnized last year with Kazim. However, certain revelations regarding Kazim’s character and actions had allegedly caused a dispute, which had eventually led to Kashaf’s wish for a divorce. The family had thus taken the case to the court where Kazim apparently did not appear for the first two hearings.

According to her brother, the final court hearing for the finalization of the divorce was on November 3rd, but Kashaf was allegedly kidnapped a day before.

However, a video statement by Kashaf rejecting the family’s claims and requesting no further proceedings was released shortly.

A video statement featuring Dr. Kashaf was released not long after the said kidnapping. She stated that her complete willingness was allegedly involved in being with Kazim and requested no further case proceeding as it was just a ‘misunderstanding’.

Kazim also put in his two pence by thanking all those who had made an effort for Kashaf and called it nothing but an absolute misunderstanding.

Refusing to believe the video statement, Kashaf’s siblings believe this statement to be ‘forced’.

Kashaf’s siblings have repeatedly stated to MangoBaaz that Kashaf is being forced to record these statements. They also stated that Kashaf hasn’t been seen by anybody else since Monday and she has made no appearance whatsoever in front of her family or in public. Her siblings also stated that she is being threatened and manipulated.


With the family requesting prayers and pleading for her safe return, people all around are extremely worried about Kashaf.

The people of Pakistan have responded to her family’s request for prayers by offering support and prayers for Kashaf’s safe return. Terrified to the very core, people are taking to their social media platforms to raise voice for Kashaf.

People are urging the authorities to take immediate action so that justice can be served.

With no information whatsoever about Kashaf’s whereabouts, her family is terrified for her safety.

Kashaf’s brother has also expressed his concerns regarding the kind of pressure and torture that is allegedly being inflicted upon his sister. All that her family wants now is for their daughter to be safe and back at home.

All we can hope for is that justice is served promptly. If you have anything to add, Let us know in the comments below.


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