13 Things Only Those Who Aren't In Love With Pets Will Understand

By Momina Mindeel | 3 Feb, 2017

Life isn’t easy for the non pet lovers. People look at you suspiciously and some even end up calling you heartless (or in the extreme cases a monster) but you know you aren’t. It’s just that you don’t like pets and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Here are all the things you can relate to if you are not a pet lover:


1. You don’t particularly “hate” animals, but you only appreciate them from a distance

Like YouTube videos of cute cats doing crazy things wagaira, but that’s just about the extent of your love for them. You definitely don’t want one of those cats to be jumping on to your lap.

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2. People question your contradictory behavior of loving cat videos but not wanting one near you in real life.

Stress release karne ka haq tou lekin sab ko hai. 

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3. Your friends are always trying to help you get over your pet fears but you just sit there wishing for them to be more understanding. 

Not everyone is into animals, yaar!

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4. Going to your pet owner friend’s home is your biggest nightmare. 

You try to think of excuses to avoid being licked by your friend’s over-friendly dog.

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5. Your eyes constantly roam around the house fearing that a furry being might pounce on you any time.

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6. You don’t get it when people bring their animals to your home just because there was no one at their place to take care of it.

Yaar, anay se pehle warn tou kar dete. 

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7. When someone’s pet comes running at you, you’ve to act all cool because you are not a coward who is scared of harmless ‘as cute as button’ pets. 

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8. Your biggest fear is ending up with a partner who loves or owns pets. 

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9. You can never trust people who despite promising that they wouldn’t let their pets off their leash, still end up doing it in your presence just because…

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10. It creeps you out all day, every day when people talk to their pets and make them all “human”

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11. You get to hear ‘itna chota sa tou hai, is se kia darna‘ a gazillion times a month. 

It’s not about its size, genius.



12. You have recurrent dreams about pets hurting you or jumping on you.

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13. You have become super accustomed to being judged all the time for your lack of affinity to animals

But iz okay, you’re not alone.

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Do you have any scary pet stories? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover Image Via: sjan143.blogspot.com

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