11 Things You Can Relate To If You Don't Love Babies

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Jan, 2019

Not everyone likes babies and that’s completely okay.

People around the world but especially in Pakistan are crazy about babies.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering the state of our burgeoning population. You would think that with the critically increasing population of our country, people would welcome those who do not adore children but nope, the opposite is true, the minute you mention you do not like children, people consider you an outcast.

But I am here to tell you if you don’t like children, it is completely okay. And you are not alone. So here are some things you can relate to if you don’t love babies.

1. Your Immediate Reaction To A Pregnancy Announcement Is ‘OH NO!’

Source: YouTube.com

You forget that there are people who genuinely want kids and are ecstatic about their pregnancy.

2. You Make Faces At Children When No One Is Looking.

Source: Starworld

You know how people make funny faces at babies to make them laugh? Yeah, this is not that.

3. You Act Like A Baby Yourself Sometimes; Throwing Tantrums.

When your relatives bring over their annoying kid who goes through all your things, you get upset and want to throw a tantrum and make the kid go away but it doesn’t work that way because you’re an adult.

4. You Get Jealous Of The Attention They Get.

Source: Yash Raj Films

I look JUST as cute if not more. But the babies get all the attention and praise at events. And they don’t even dress themselves.

5. You Hide In Your Room When You Hear Crying.

Source: MacGuffin Pictures

The moment someone comes over with a human being under the age of 8 with them, you retreat to the safety of your room till the coast is clear.

6. You Pretend To Have Work To Do To Avoid Holding Them.

Source: NBC

You know when someone asks you to hold their baby and you SUDDENLY remember about the assignment that you have to get to immediately or all hell will break loose? Works every time, folks.

7. You Can’t Form Sentences When Someone Asks You To Tell Them If You Like Their Baby.

Source: Vinod Chopra Films

When you meet someones for the baby for the first time and they look expectantly at you after hearing praise for their baby from everyone else and the only sentence you can form is ‘Yes, it is very baby…’

8. You Sit Awkwardly When You Are Forced To Hold A Baby.

Source: Starworld

When someone finally corners you to hold their baby and you are just trapped and looking around helplessly at someone to relieve you of this burden gurgling on your lap.

9. You Often Think About The Worst Possible Scenario

Source: Starworld

Now that you ARE holding the baby, your mind wanders to dark places and thoughts such as; what would happen if I just threw this baby to the other side of the room? Where would it land?

10. You Are Borderline Scared Of Them.

Source: Starworld

You know when little kids learn to talk and everything they say is unfiltered? That is SCARY. I live in constant fear that they will come and point out my insecurities to the entire room. They are so unpredictable. I HATE IT.

11. They Can Do No Wrong In Anyone’s Eyes But Yours, Of Course.

Source: Walt Disney Productions India

The kid can be dancing on an antique table and threaten your entire family but no one cares because they look cute and ask you not to reprimand them. UGH.

Babies are overrated, to be honest. What’s the big deal, they’re just compressed humans anyway.

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Cover Image Source: dunyanews.tv/UNICEF

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