13 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Your House Actually Feel Like A Home

By Kashaf | 5 Nov, 2017

There are few things in this world as satisfying as pulling off a successful DIY project. These ideas are a super easy way to vamp up your home decor with minimal effort and minimal costs – and all your guests will be asking where you purchased them.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY’s that show you how to decorate with style without spending a fortune. Roll up your sleeves and get cracking:


1. Light Curtains

Source: ovethispic.com

All you need to make this cozy fairy light curtain for your bedroom is sheer fabric, string lights, and two medium-sized hoops with hooks. Thread the sheer fabric and the string lights through the two hoops and you’re done. Easy and super cozy.


2. Wall Organizer

Source: designsponge.com

If you want to be organized and chic at the same time, this DIY can be completed in under an hour. Check it out here.


3. Sun Kissed Heart Wreath

Source: michelemademe.com

This beautiful heart wreath is a romantic touch to any room in the house. It is easy to make and gives off a “sun kissed” look when placed near a window. Find out how to make it out here.


4. Butterfly Wall Art

Source: amazingarchitecture.net

This beautiful butterfly wall art can glam up any room in your house. You can use any color to get a unique look. Get the design here.


5. Star Paper Lamp

Source: city-sentinel.com

These paper lamps are intricate and affordable. Check out how to make them here.


6. Painted Mason Jars

Source: popsugar.com

Super easy and super cute for any room in the house. All you need to make these are mason jars and some paint. Check it out here.


7. Photo String Lights

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

This DIY will give your room that cozy glow that makes every night feel magical. Check it out here. 


8. Rose Paper Heart

Source: thedoodlegirl.com

This rose paper heart is very romantic and perfect for all occasions – not only Valentines Day. Find out how to make it here.


9. Star Burst Mirror

Source: cutoutandkeep.net

Mirror decor pieces can be very expensive. Make your own under 800 rupees for a nice touch to a lounge or bedroom. Find out how to make it here.


10. Floral Clock

Via Pinterest

Buy a cheap clock, and use glue to stick on your favorite fabric or artificial flowers on it. Super easy and beautiful.


11. Dream Catcher

Source: februaryskydesigns.wordpress.com

Dream Catchers are a cute bohemian touch to bedrooms of people of all ages. They are super easy to make, check it out here.


12. Mirror Mosaic

Source: Christine Kobzeff

Mirror mosaics are unique and relatively easy to make. They can make any wall in your home dazzle. Watch the tutorial here.


13. Centerpieces

Source: somethingturquoise.com

These are gorgeous for any table in your house. All you need is a mantle, a Styrofoam ball, and pearls or flowers. Check them out here.


Which one will you be doing to up your home decor?

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