This Disgusting Video Of A Tearful Child Being Abused Is All Kinds Of Wrong

By Arslan Athar | 19 Aug, 2017

Most of us have had at least one teacher who we’ve been afraid of or a parent who we knew was very ‘particular’ about how you did in school. When it comes to parhai, we all know desi parents can get a little extreme. However whatever we may say, the type of measures some parents and some teachers take for the ‘education’ are definitely not right and downright torture.

Recently on Facebook, a video has been getting a lot of attention. This video is of a little girl being taught numbers by someone.

What should be made a fun learning experience is rather a barrage of shouting and hitting. The little girl is seen crying throughout the video out of fear of the person teaching her. In fact, somewhere in the clip she even pleads with her teacher saying ‘please pyaar se parhaye’, and just hearing those words with her crying voice will make your heart sink.

You can watch the video here, but be warned, it is highly disturbing, and heartbreaking to watch.


This video has caused quite an uproar, and people on twitter are leading the discussion.

Many people have the tendency to release their frustrations on their child 

Child abuse isn’t a momentary thing, its something that sticks with them forever. This fact for whatever reason just doesn’t register with some people

People were infuriated by the video, and rightly so:

Then, there was the issue of some people finding the video ‘funny’. 

This is the sad truth. People have been raised in an environment where abuse is acceptable behavior. They see nothing wrong with this video. 

This man spoke about how he was raised in an environment of love, always no matter how hard life got:

Raising children in a loving environment is not impossible. Its doable and it is beholden on every parent to do so; to the best of their ability

Hatred creates a cycle of hatred, love creates a cycle of love. 

At the end of the day you brought a child in this world. It is your responsibility to raise him/her in a loving environment. Yes, parents are human and they can lose their temper but that does not mean you lose your temper every waking second of the day. I repeat this again because it is so important- hatred creates a cycle of hatred. We need to stop normalizing ‘abuse’ in any shape or form. It helps no one, especially the child. The age-old argument that children need strict disciplining is simply false- no child deserves to be treated this way. EVER.

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