Dr Ruth Pfau Was Laid To Rest Today And Pakistanis Can't Thank Her Enough

By Arslan Athar | 19 Aug, 2017

Dr.Ruth Pfau devoted her life to helping those affected by leprosy in Pakistan for the past five decades. Her death on the 10th of August left a deep void in Pakistan. Hailing from Germany, she stayed back in Pakistan and spent the rest of her life here, healing and caring for those who have usually been forgotten in our country.

For her countless services to the nation, the government announced a state funeral for her which was held today. 


In the 70 years of Pakistan, three civilians have had state funeral- Quaid E Azam, Abdul Sattar Edhi and now Dr. Ruth Pfau.

People attending the funeral have been sending out live tweets and posting pictures from the ceremony.

These pictures just go to show how much she’ll be missed and how deep the loss is for those who worked and interacted with her 

She touched the lives of so many people, people most of us in Pakistan didn’t even know existed. 

Commemorations of her life and services are also being held at different places in Karachi 

On top of everything, this very interesting coincidence was spotted 

Dr Ruth Pfau’s life was about bringing people together, despite religion, caste and creed. Her funeral was a depiction and celebration of her life’s work

Along with members of each community, high ranking government officials, and all three Chiefs of the Armed Forces are in attendance

With Dr Pfau having left us, the question of her legacy remains. Who better to answer that question that those whom she worked with

The respect and love she garnered in Pakistan is enormous and this funeral procession is only a testament to that

The image above her casket bares an important message. A message for us all for follow 

Again, even in death she is bringing people together. That is the power of her personality and that is the power of the grief her death has caused

Pakistanis have taken to twitter to express their grief and gratitude to this great lady

On an occasion like this, a simple word like ‘Thank You’ seems inadequate.

Rest in peace Dr Pfau. You will be missed sorely.

Cover Photo Courtesy: DW

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