Here Is Proof That Dinosaurs Are Back And They Are Moving Fast

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Jun, 2016

While you have been enjoying your life and fighting over how offensive Qandeel is being to you, dinosaurs have been making a comeback. Yeah, those creatures from science books and the Jurassic Park movies are not just in the movies anymore.


Why is it a big thing?

Well, because this:

Dinosaurs don’t care if you’re taking a shit or opening your roza, they are savages. They will find you and they will eat you.


They are fast

Via: Giphy


They can even fly

Via: Giphy

So you know there is no place you are safe from them, if they ever decide to go after you. And we all know, dinosaurs and humans don’t mix well together #ThankyouStevenSpielberg


And we all thought they were dead

Via: Giphy

Well, apart from the occassional Jurassic Park movie, these creatures are mostly just the fantasy of history geeks and science nerds.


But now, they have returned

Via: Giphy


And they are bigger and faster than ever before

This here is proof:

This is actually from a game show, American Ninja Warrior, where this guy, wearing a Dinosaur suit, did an obstacle course and won everyone’s heart (and mighty big round of applause).

Cover Image via: The Daily Beast

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