We Need To Talk About Violence Among Our Children After This Student Was Beaten To Death Over “Football” In Lahore

By Alveena Jadoon | 18 Jan, 2018

Images of a young boy are making rounds on social media. Dilawar Abbas was an intermediate student studying in Lahore. He originally belonged to Gilgit Baltistan.


According to reports, the incident took place in a cricket field in Model Town

There are conflicting reports as to what actually led to the incident. Some say he wanted to play football in the field and that angered the culprits. Some say he got into a dispute with the boys he was playing cricket with. The important point is that they ended by brutally beating him with their bats. That left him critically injured.

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He fought for his life for three days in the hospital and eventually succumbed due to his injuries

He was the only son in his family and was away from his family to be able to make something out of himself. These boys have not just shattered that dream but taken away hope from this family.

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People all over social media are demanding justice for Dilawar Abbas by using #DilawarAbbas


People are calling out the Government of Punjab and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to look into the matter


An initial police report has been registered to investigate the matter further

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Activist, Jibran Nasir, in his plea for justice, raised a very good point about the growing violent tendencies in the youth of this country

He says that these kids are the assets of Pakistan and hence it should be our utmost responsibility to protect them and nurture them in the best possible manner.

The growing number of instances of violence should be a cause of concern not just for the authorities but for also for us as well. It should make us rethink what values we are imparting that add to such violent outbursts. This is not ok, no person should think that taking away a life is a matter that they can take into their own hands.


Cover image via: @MJibranNasir / Twitter

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