I Saw The First Episode Of “Dil Mom Ka Diya” And I'm Already Freaking OBSESSED

By Iman Zia | 30 Aug, 2018

‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ brings together Neelam Munir and Imran Ashraf, two actors who really sparkle in every role they dip their toes into. The first episode is beautifully paced and introduces its protagonists in a very organic order. It also stars the calming Yasir Nawaz as the devoted and humble elderly brother who must look after the rest of his siblings. Six Sigma Plus is behind the show, so we know it’s going to be a good one’ they’ve given us some of the best dramas we have, from ‘Pyarey Afzal’ to ‘Dil Lagi.’


The first two episodes, that ARY release together gave the drama credible depth, setting up the rest of the storyline impressively. So, let’s get into the story. Yasir, aka Afzal, is kind, shy yet lacks confidence. He’s looking through potential rishtas with his family. Azhar (Imran) is Afzal’s lovable younger brother, who’s always giving Afzal confidence and showering him with strength. Their relationship is instantly revealed through physical compassion; they’re both very close.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Meanwhile, we see Ulfa’s father (played by the incredible Qavi Khan) struggling to make ends meet. He plays a Molvi, who does all that he can to provide for his household, but his illness causes to be a hindrance. Ulfa doesn’t seem to care for her father, but it’s more about her being a little immature and self-centered than inherently vindictive. Ulfa’s father is also Ashraf’s Islamic teacher by the way, and it’s this beautiful little interaction between the two that really raises the bar for the entire episode. After Ulfa’s father declines to be dropped home, Afzal is noticeably uneasy having noticed his teacher’s fragility and finds him in the middle of the road. It’s heart-achingly beautiful, and you instantly fall for Yasir Nawaz. He’s got an overbearing warmth about him. Afzal takes Ulfa’s father to hospital after his health deteriorates, and this is what brings all the protagonists together. Afzal vows to take care of his family after death seems inevitable, and arranges to marry his daughter Ulfa. It’s all abrupt, but in such dire circumstances, it’s expected – he informs his brother and two sisters, all who oblige albeit a little unwillingly.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Ulfa is fiercely unapologetic and very rude. While she won’t let any bullshit deter her, which is very empowering for a female trying to survive in Pakistani society, she’s still awfully crass and is ill-mannered. You can’t help be in complete awe of Neelam. She’s fantastic as the very ignorant and snobbish Ulfat. She’s rude, selfish and lives in her own little world – the episode hones out her character brilliantly; at one point she screams at her elderly neighbor and calls him a ‘bhudda tharki.’

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Imran Ashraf is an artist our audiences can’t help but fall for because really he’s absolute perfection. He’s one of the finest actors we have, and I cannot emphasize enough how precious he is, and just how integral he is for the progression of our industry.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


Qavi Khan is a king, he’s mesmerizing and has a strong screen presence. He’s incredible as a man who wants nothing more than to make sure his family is looked after in case he dies. He’s always known to break hearts, and his role in this drama is nothing less. Bravo sir.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ had a really strong opening, one of the strongest I’ve seen recently, and I already can’t wait for next week. This is one drama you need to keep on your radar. There is such an overflow of talent, from Qavi Khan to Neelam Munir, Yasir Nawaz, and Imran Ashraf – that I found myself fumbling over just how great they all are.

Watch the full episode now!



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