I Just Watched “Dil Lagi” And Ugh, Mohid Is Just Too Toxic To Handle

By Arslan Athar | 27 Jun, 2018

Dil Lagi’ ruled TV screens a few years back. Humayun Saeed and Mahwish Hayat sizzled with their on-screen chemistry. These are all things I had heard about the show, not knowing how true they were because I hadn’t really seen it.

I decided to change that this week, and well there is one thing I cannot get over. Ever. What is the deal with Mohid!?


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The first few episodes of ‘Dil Lagi’, Mohid’s character is, quite honestly, a bit of an ass. I get that the story is based, initially, on him being annoying and a typical gunda, but like, koi hadd hoti hai. 

I can appreciate the writers building Mohid to be a gangster, you know the total boss of the community. He has a big house, just the perfect image of the galli ka gunda. Even his mom is a total boss lady, with her over the top style, fancy noserings, and colorful outfits; she dishes out sassy bits of advice throughout the show.

He has to have her in his life, and he doesn’t care what he has to overcome to reach his aim. Albeit, the crowning moment in this story is when he helps Anmol’s family with their property woes, however, he sort of uses that as an in to get more involved in the lives of Anmol and her family. He builds the premise that he’s a ‘nice guy’ and he uses that to have an ‘in’ into their lives, and once he’s there he really spreads.

Source: ARY Digital

Mohid is just hyper-masculine.

There is one instance where he just gets into a slap fist, first he (almost) slaps his friend, Dastagir, then he slaps the creep following Anmol. Finally, he slaps Dastagir for protecting him. This all happens while he has followed Anmol to the library in an attempt to woo her. Yikes.

Other than that, he’s just a complete creep. He’s just parked in front of her house every morning. Like dude, do you not have a job, weren’t you the galli ka gunda a few scenes ago. Even the way he flirts is just horrible. He refuses to take no for an answer; in fact he promises to come by every day, he even goes to the extent of threatening to stop any rishtas  for Anmol from entering their muhalla. EXTREME. He even goes as far as to reject the notion that Anmol likes someone else.

Source: ARY Digital

Then there’s the whole thing with Mohid intruding and breaking off Anmol’s (almost) mangngi. Again, this is NOT how you get someone to like you, let alone even begin to tolerate you. When that happened I just wanted to whack Mohid really bad (sadly, I couldnt), but the whole scene made me realize that Mohid’s character is just a culmination of years and years of scripts being written where men feel entitled to do as they please when it comes to ‘getting’ the woman they want.

Source: ARY Digital

The show did well when it come out, however the themes in the show are a bit problematic. The way male characters are written has gotten better but it’s taken too long. When will it get better?

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