This is What Happens at Karachi's Clifton Beach Every Sunday

By Sajeer Shaikh | 25 Oct, 2015

Every Sunday, after a long week of laboring away to feed their families, Karachiite gathers at Clifton Beach and for good reason, since it looks something like this:

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor
Dost Pakistan
Dost Pakistan

The beach is special because it’s only Karachi that has it. The winds at the beach are unlike anything, the setting sun is such a beauty and one gets to observe different kinds of characters that visit. Should you happen to be there, these are the kinds of people you’re likely to encounter:

1. The Burger Kids

You can see them huddled together, whipping out their iPhones for selfies with the beach in the background. If you listen closely, you can hear one of them even complaining ke ye paani kitna brown hai.

Infamous Karachi
Infamous Karachi

2. The Bike Squad

They’re the ones attempting extreme stunts down the busy road, on their Yamahas, making it impossible for anyone with sensible driving skills to drive in peace. Their bikes also lack silencers so that you can hear them coming from eight kilometers away.


3. The Pervs

They’re usually seen leaning against the food stalls eating channas, offering them to girls that pass by. Words like patakha, oho and wah make up most of their vocabulary.


4. The Family With Kids To Spare

As soon as the door to their Bolan opens, a hoard of over excited children scampers out. Some run around on the road, oblivious to oncoming vehicles while their parents forget they birthed them and head off to have an assortment of samosas and paani puri stalls.


5. The Drift Crew

They’re mostly seen cruising on the sand, showing off their insane driving skills with pride.


6. The K3wt Boiz

These guys mostly hold hands and take pictures in close proximity with their mates and are heard saying fb ki dp chalegi? 

PicsArt_1445628326487Umar Akmal

7. The Couple On A Date

They’re the only ones with regret and awkwardness, clear all over their faces when they realize that the beach isn’t the best place for a date.

Quick Memes
Quick Memes

8. The Persistent Hawkers

They will make sure you don’t leave without buying their kites, desi planes or a camel ride. You end up giving in to their persistence.

Visit Pak
Visit Pak

9. The Store of Complaints

These people are usually seen near the food stalls, complaining about the smell, the food and basically anything else they can complain about.


10. The Goras

You may encounter the occasional gora every once in a while, making generic conversation about how great naan bread and chai tea are.

The Glomads
The Glomads

11. The Athletes

They’ll throw caution (and their kameezes) to the wind to strew across the beach shirtless, diving into the water and having a swimming competition.


12. The Visiting Relative

This is the relative visiting from places that don’t have the view of the sea. They’ll usually be seen taking lots of pictures for their ghar walas who couldn’t make it.


13. The Nature Lovers

They’re here to relax, sit by the seaside and soothe their nerves with a cup of chai while they watch the waves. These are the cool people.


Regardless of the kind of people that may or may not be there, Clifton Beach holds a strange magnetic power for all Karachiites. No matter who you are, if you’re out for a drive, you’ll find yourself making your way down there. Be it the distinct smell of the waves, the warm sand between your toes, the soft evening breeze or enjoying all this with a plate of chaat and a cup of chai, Clifton Beach has made its  mark as one of the main attractions of Karachi.

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