Desi TikTok Claims Salman Khan Made Zayn Malik Delete His Version Of A ‘Race' Song And I’m Super Confused

By Manahil | 15 Aug, 2020

Desi TikTok. Salman Khan. Zayn Malik. Three entities I did not see crossing over at any point, but here we are.

We’ve seen the growth of Zayn Malik, from his X-Factor audition to his One Direction days, deciding to go solo, and of course, soon father-to-be, he definitely has Pakistan wrapped around his finger, if not the entire world. Most of his popular songs include Dusk Till Dawn, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, and A Whole New World. What may not be common knowledge is that he actually has covered a few Urdu and Hindi songs!

Anyways, while scrolling through Twitter, I just came across a tweet that sort of made my jaw drop…

Umm… what did I just see?

Let’s rewind.

Allah Duhai Hai, as almost everyone knows was an insanely popular song featured in the OG ‘Race’ films (you know, the ones with Saif) and also Salman Khan’s, Race 3. All the way back in 2018… Let me just add it in right here, because you know you wanna listen to it.

A short while later, Zayn surprised fans with an insanely stunning cover of the song.

Let’s take a moment to remember how much we actually LOVED his rendition.

Okay, back to the issue at hand. This MUST be a mistake. So we dug around and found even more tweets saying the EXACT. SAME. THING.

So we went straight to the source where this allegation was made – TikTok.

#zayn #zaynmalik #bollywood #salmankhan #allahduhaihai

♬ original sound – _sam33r

So, this girl, Khadija, a pretty famous TikToker with over 1 million followers, commented on Salman Khan’s new picture on Instagram saying, “so not only are you a murderer but you are so insecure and jealous you made zayn delete his cover you coward”.

Well. I’m speechless, to say the least.

Other TikTokers also stood by the same rumor.


I need more Hindi/Urdu Zayn songs 😭😭 #moodflip #brownfyp #fyp #foryoupage #MobileGame #newfitfeelin #zayn #allahduhaihai #salmankhan

♬ original sound – _sam33r

Well, some agreed and were heartbroken…

Source: TikTok

But others think it’s too much of a speculation.

Source: TikTok

And a few were just as confused as us. LOL.

Source: TikTok

But like for real though, TikTok crowd, what’s going on?

Where did this suddenly come from? Wasn’t this cover made back in 2018? If Salman Khan didn’t ask Zayn to remove it, then why did he take it down? So many questions, my mind is spinning.

Zayn? Care to comment? You’re the only one who can lead us into the light.


Zayn Malik Just Released A Hindi Song And People Are Asking Him About His Islam

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